Monday, February 27, 2017

Lana Del Rey and witches put spell on Trump

Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; FOX; A Call for Uprising

Failed lovesick supermodel singer Lana Del Rey loves America has a new song, "Love."

(Lana Del Rey) "Dangerous Girl." Are Warlock Podesta and cool Katy involved? Lyrics below.
Hi, my name is Lizzy Lana.
There are good witches and bad witches. Hillary and her West Coast coven are examples of "bad" witches, whereas neo-blues chanteuse Lana Del Rey have set their sights on "binding" (spiritually restraining) autocrat Trump from doing serious harm.

A series of midnight spells carried out during successive crescent moons, when such spells are apparently more efficacious, though one would think the full moon is the time for that, are underway.

Why? To save the world from the sexist patriarch who is filling the DC swamp with billionaires, who care more about profits and promoting the once-dying Republican party than the people they "serve."

My disciples will take care of this.
No word on what alt-right Pres. Steve Bannon -- former Breitbart editor -- thinks of the "curse" or "hex," but he likely has some retaliation planned.

(Bannon and Kellyanne Conway were recruited by a billionaire and his daughter approached by Ivanka Trump to get Daddy Trump elected when he was flagging and in desperate need of help, according to, and were then installed to give control of the White House to the real movers and shakers who paid for the best "democracy" money can buy).

Fearful conservative Christians could try a counter-spell to free Trump to "do what thou wilt" with the country and our future. There's no telling in this war of principalities.

Pres. Bannon -- the Dick Cheney to idiotic Trump's G.W. Bush -- is anti-female (Cosmo).
Let me be your "Dangerous Girl"
Lyrics by Lana Del Rey

"I'm America's sweetheart."
He's my drugstore cowboy, Italian alloy, classical American. And I'm America's sweetheart, cute, delicious, sweet tart, sipping on my Diet Coke, singin' in the trailer park.

He likes my jeans tight (yeah). He likes me mean, right? (Right). He likes my long hair, corset, heels high. I'm born to kill, stripped for success. I'm his sweet mess. Do you love me? Yes, yes! Hell, yes!

Baby, I'm a four alarm fire, and I'm what you desire, like a siren in the night (di nero-nero). Baby, you's a man on a wire, risking all that you've got for the love of your life. (You're my hero, hero). Let me be your dangerous girl...

"Let me be your dangerous girl."
He's the get-rich-quick type, Mafioso hit type. Girl, I'm gonna marry him! I'm the bad girl next door. Baby's always wantin' more, buyin' diamond jewelry, take me to the Jersey Shore.

He likes my mink white (white). We go out all night (night). We're living off the grid shining in the crime life. We were born to kill, best of the best, the new Wild West. Honey, put on that party dress. Hell, yes!

Me and my baby planning world domination, together taking over our fair nation. 'Cause we're born to kill, keepin' it fresh, gold chain, white mesh. Fame is the name of the game, yes yes! (Yes, yes, yes, yes)....Let me be your dangerous girl.

(President Trump) White witchcraft ritual in progress to stop Trump

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