Monday, February 27, 2017

Strange things are afoot 1, 2 (video)

Jason A (Facebook, Feb. 12, 2017); Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

We Have Never Seen Anything like This...
(2017-2018 EVENTS)
Jason A WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR WORLD? The past week or so the world news and prophecy have been bound up with strange events suggesting the ever-present "end times" are upon us. Or maybe things just seem weird and out of sorts. New planets are discovered, space aliens are found inhabiting Antarctica with ancient ruins suggesting they have been here a long time. Then there's the Mandela Effect, new diseases, right wing upheavals, resistance movements, and strange meteoric and animal phenomena. Meteorologists study weather, not meteors, and the rains in Los Angeles when the whole world is watching (the Academy Awards) after a long and artificial's hard not to notice the barrage of "future shock," the pace of change as things are revealed. We've been lied to by NASA, our government, politicians, foundations, and institutions for so long, why would they ever admit it? Why would they change their story now? What is happening that's causing them to change? Thanks to Jason A for pointing them out.

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