Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Alt-Right Milo causes riot in Berkeley (video)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Conway Show (facebook); AP;; Bay Area Ch. 10

Breitbart editor Milo’s event at UC Berkeley tonight has been evacuated by his personal security detail following protests and several fires started by masked “anti-fascists” (BN).
Alt Right, gay, Brit, supposed racist-sexist comedian, senior editor Milo (AP)
Tim Conway Jr. Show (KFI AM) Facebook feed (
The Republican Club at UC Berkeley invited the controversial gay British senior editor and contributor Milo Yiannopoulis -- an inflammatory, implicitly biased white male homosexual Trump lover -- who denies the existence of "rape culture" on US college campuses, hates Islam, and seems to enjoy fanning the fires of misogyny, racist hatred, and other wedge issues and forms of divisiveness on the American scene.

Milo has started a white privilege grant aimed at enabling white males through funds given by [racist] donors for Milo's idea. Milo describes himself as an agent provocateur who is out to prove that the "social justice left" has gone too far being PC (politically correct), stifling free speech, and singling out speakers the left does not like. Black Lives Matter...but not to Milo and many of his fans.

What he says may be reprehensible, he may be too, but he's right. Free speech rules!
Host Tucker Carlson, Megyn Kelly's replacement, had Yiannopoulis on his FOX News show an hour after the riot erupted surrounding his inflammatory speech. He's a provocateur, humorous, a free speech advocate and polarizing figure. LIVE VIDEO

UPDATE: Talked nixed amid protest
Bank of America ATM vandalized (AP).
BERKELEY, California (Feb. 2, 2017) - A crowd protesting a far-right commentator's appearance at the University of California at Berkeley hurled smoke bombs, broke windows, and started fires Wednesday night, prompting officials to call off the event. More (AP)

Breitbart speaker at Berkeley stirs free speech debate
BERKELEY, California - Fans and foes agree that Milo Yiannopoulos specializes in controversy. The polarizing editor from Breitbart News is a self-proclaimed Internet troll who has been criticized as a racist, misogynist, and white supremacist. More

Milo UC Berkeley Show Evacuated...
Charlie Nash (, Feb. 1, 2017)
Milo is not a Nazi, I think.
Breitbart Senior Editor MILO’s event at UC Berkeley tonight has been evacuated following violence and several fires started by masked “anti-fascist” protesters. 

UPDATE 16: MILO goes LIVE on Facebook, discusses riot. More + VIDEO (of Milo after the evacuation)

"I am not a Nazi"
Hey, I'm gay! How can I be bad? (AP)
(AP) Milo Yiannopoulos spoke on campus at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Yiannopoulos, the polarizing Breitbart News senior editor, gained notoriety for railing against feminists, Muslims, and political correctness. The next stop on his college speaking tour is UC Berkeley, where protests and outrage against the campus Republican Club event have stirred a debate about freedom of speech and highlighted the sensitivities on college campuses at the dawn of the Trump presidency.

Breitbart is making the news then capitalizing on reporting it (
#BlackLivesMatter "Not a moment, but a movement" (

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