Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY vegan chocolate peanut butter cups

Yummy! (
When I was a wee muffin, Easter [the modern version of the German pagan sex party of Ä’ostre, the "Spring-like fertility goddess," where we get our word estrus, indicating a female "in heat"] meant that a human-sized fictional bunny would sneak into my bedroom when I was sleeping and leave me a basket full of chocolates, candies, and sometimes little toys or gifts. 

The whole thing had a very Santa Claus vibe to it, and so of course I absolutely loved it! If I’m ever at my parent's house for Easter [the Western Spring Festival], I still sometimes find a treat left outside of my bedroom door. Aww shucks! Thanks, Mom…er, I mean, Mr. Easter Bunny.

Vegan chef Sam Turmbull
[What if you could skip Reese's and Justin's brands and make your own at home, you know, DIY, do-it-yourself? It's easy! Here's how:] Recipe

Sam Turnbull writes a great vegan recipe blog. She went from carnivore to vegan overnight. Anyone can! With limitation will come inspiration, and it won't be long before you, too, fall in LOVE with vegan food. Here's her story…
(Sam Turnbull • It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken) What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan #1 (cookbook deal)

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