Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Have we been taught lies as ancient history?

Did ETs shape Roman Imperial Catholicism?
(Part I) "As [it was] in the days of Noah," the Biblical allusion goes. In those day there were giants. But we live in a globally high-tech society. Yet, there persists the presence of the "Fallen Ones," space people who came down to earth to upset the apple cart.

These pyramid structures were built in the antediluvian (post-flood) period. The idea that they were built by Modern Egyptians or their immediate forebears is a joke.

These structures were already ancient when the pharaohs decided to re-purpose them as royal tombs or attempt to build something like them. There were many attempts to recreate these structures by the Egyptians. We can see their small, crumbling, mud piles even today.

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