Monday, July 24, 2017

"The Hero With a Thousand Faces" (video)

This book was the first popular work to combine the spiritual and psychological insights of modern psycho-analysis with the archetypes of world mythology.

It creates a road map for navigating the frustrating path of contemporary life.

Examining heroic myths in the light of modern psychology, it considers not only the patterns and stages of mythology but also its relevance to our lives today -- and to the life of any person seeking a fully realized existence.

Myth, according to world renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell, is the projection of a culture's dreams onto a large screen.

Campbell's book, like the movie series Star Wars it helped inspire, is an exploration of the big-picture moments from the stage that is our world.

It is a must-have resource for both experienced students of mythology and the explorer just beginning to approach myth as a source of knowledge.

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