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Big punk concert: Gnarlytown! (video)

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Gnarlytown offers a fast, loud, and fresh spin on an action sports festival
The Pennywise guy from The Other F Word
You know summer is almost here when you can plan a one-of-a-kind family-friendly event that includes punk rock and an insane motorcycle circus.

Musink kicked off the 2019 festival insanity a few weeks ago, then we have KLOS's Sabroso Taco Fest and KROQ's Back to the Beach around the corner.

Now, we get the word of another event that will entertain us like no other event to date. It’s time for Gnarlytown, Bikes, Boards, and Bands!

This event is presented by KLOS (95.5 FM) and Synergy Global Entertainment (SGE). This is another kick-ass collaboration between the two juggernauts of entertainment. As for the radio end, LA's only remaining rock station KLOS is proof that radio is back to being a force in the music industry.

Truthfully, online services took a big bite out of the broadcasting industry’s listenership over the years, but radio was partly at fault for their own demise.

The knock for years has been that too many Los Angeles radio stations sounded the same, and the human connection was virtually non-existent -- almost to the point where there was almost no difference between some stations and iTunes.

In 2019, the radio re-connection project is in full effect. One of the leaders on that front is KLOS.

For years, KLOS Program Director Keith Cunningham and his staff have made a very loud point that they need to lead by example and be engaged with the community.

The plan was to provide more than great music on the airwaves. Over the last few years, they’ve partnered with bands, charities, and organizers like SGE to put on some of the most successful and over the top festivals in recent memory.

Now, there’s a collision of all things that are the Southern California lifestyle: Gnarlytown has gone from concept to reality. The event takes place at the scenic:
  • LA Waterfront, Berth 46, Port of Los Angeles
  • 3011 Miner St., San Pedro, CA 90731
  • Saturday, June 22nd. 1:00-11:00 PM
Along with Nitro Circus, Chris Cole, and Brew Ha Ha, the event is produced by Orange County-based entertainment Goliath, SGE. They’re led by John Reese who has brought SGE to the top of the concert festival totem pole.

Some of his recent festivals include Back to the Beach, Surf City Blitz, and Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco, and Music Festival just to name a few.

The Warped Tour may be back for a few dates this summer. But make no mistake, SGE is the new force for festivals from coast-to-coast and in our own LA/OC backyard. More

Concert information
Gnarlytown brought to us by
The perfect blend of action sports, punk rock, and craft drink tasting, this new one-of-a-kind, family-friendly event brings together thrilling, extreme action sports with motorsports champion Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus and pro skateboarder Chris Cole’s Rail Jam Invitational, along with performances from punk rock legends and other top music acts including Pennywise, Rancid, Action Bronson, Off!, and Madball. The event will also feature craft tasting sessions, offering unlimited tastings from some of the finest breweries in Southern California and beyond, including Rancid’s own collaboration with Ska Brewing, Brewstomper for those 21 and up. The festival is ALL AGES. (Ages 5 and under are free to attend the general admission festival grounds with paid adult admission).

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