Friday, June 21, 2019

Two Girls: Hungarian Folk Tales (video)

Hungarian Folk Tales; Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Hungarian Folk Tales: The Diligent Girl and the Lazy Girl
A stepmother sends her diligent, hard working girl to work for somebody. After a year the girl returns home with gold, silver, and other treasures. When the bad-hearted stepmother sees this, she sends her own lazy daughter to work for somebody, but she she returns home in torn and bloodstained clothes.
Made by Kecskemét Film Studio. Directed by Marcell Jankovics, László Lőrincz. Storyteller: Gyula Szabó. Music: Kaláka band. These Hungarian folktales stem from original folk collections. Every episode has special authentic ornamentation. The makers use the decorative art of a certain countryside region for each episode. The trio of folk tales, folk art, and folk music are combined masterfully, which lends imagery and sometimes a spicy folk humor to the dialogues.. Subscribe for more episodes (,, Hungarian:

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