Monday, June 10, 2019

My "Last Hurrah" - Bebe Rexha (video)

Bebe Rexha, "Last Hurrah" (video); CC Liu, Crystal Q., Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly

Nirvana? I'll get to it next weekend.
"I'm done with my karma"? Is it feminism to dress like an angel and feel like a "bad girl," a she-demon or dominatrix taking drugs and drinking? Lady Sativa, will she miss us? This song is so silly but deeper than most pop hits. "Maybe tomorrow I won't feel this pain," maybe. But why would it be any different? Of course, there'll be new pain tomorrow because the cause is still in place. All the wishing otherwise or willpower won't do a darn thing. We need a better plan or map to actual nirvana. But Bebe has heard of that: "I'm done with the heartache, I'm done with the demons. Can't wait to be normal, right after this weekend. I'm done with the drama, I'm fixing my karma [oh yeah, how?]. One more night up your nirvana." Nirvana means "the end of all suffering." That's why Kurt Cobain called his band that. He was miserable, and it was the ideal. But then what did he do but mope, get high, hang around with addict Courtney Love, and sing slacker anthems of self-pity? Great songs. Pearl Jam and the other Seattlelites must have been jealous. Bebe, what gives? This non-plan isn't going anywhere but another and another weekend of partying...the next hurrah. But, of course, that's probably the point of pop hits. :) xoxo

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