Monday, June 3, 2019

Extramarital Affairs (UK, circa 1900-1960)

ArchiveTV 00, Mar 22, 2017; Ashley Wells, Crystal Q., Wisdom Quarterly
What will break up the royal couple of LA's Black Meghan Markle and Ginger Harry?

Meghan Markle sparkles.
The British had sex? And they cheated on each other? And all of that before the Sixties' Sexual Revolution? And the Royals are more rapacious, perverse, and adventurous than the average subject/citizen on the tiny British Island (that on account of its small size expanded to the world's largest empire, now defunct and being replaced by US)? This documentary is part of the "Forbidden Britain" series (BBC Two, November 1994), an episode entitled "Affairs." It's all the more current with the marriage of Los Angeles' own Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and her bad mouthing dumb Trump's policies. We love our princess, even if she is marrying into an odd family of lovable albeit elitist nutters.

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