Friday, June 7, 2019

Gay Pride Parade, Los Angeles (June 7-9)

CBS LA (June 7, 2019); Ava Caine 2018; CC Liu, Crystal Q., S. Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Los Angeles Gay Parade 2018: L.A. Pride West Hollywood
In this episode Ava Caine goes to support the LGBT[QQIA] community. It is the L.A. Pride Parade and Festival -- which is running all weekend in 2019 and expanding its footprint. Every June in the very posh and pro-gay City of West Hollywood everyone can come and be part of this colorful day. Ava loves it so much [that she can't wait to share the experience]. The video is extensive trying show all of the experience, which is for allies as much as the gay community. It is #fabulous. Follow Ava on

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