Tuesday, June 4, 2019

When we see the Dharma, we can let go

Ajahn Chah (ajahnchah.org) via Ven. Sujato, Ellie Askew, Dhr. Seven (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly
I'm thinking of completely letting go because my heart hurts and I'm clinging to the pain.
The Struggle of Letting Go (S. Karunaratna, BL 147)
The most important point is that while we have life, we should train the mind to be even in regard to things.

We should be able to share wealth and possessions. When the time comes we should give a portion to those in need, just as if we were giving things to our own children.

Sharing things like this, we will feel happy. And if we can give away all our wealth, then whenever our breath may stop, there will be no attachment or anxiety because everything is gone.

The Buddha taught, "Die before you die." That is to say, be finished with things before they are finished. Then we can be at ease.

Let things break before they are broken, let them finish before they are finished. This is the Buddha’s intention in teaching the Dharma.

Even if we listen to teachings for a hundred or a thousand aeons, if we do not understand these points, we won’t be able to undo our suffering and we will not find peace. We will not see the Dharma [the Truth, directly for ourselves].

But understanding these things according to the Buddha’s intention and being able to resolve things is called seeing the Dharma. This view of things can make an end of suffering.

Mindfulness is nonreactive observing. -S.B.
It can relieve all discomfort and distress. Whoever strives sincerely and is diligent in practicing, who can endure, who trains and develops him/herself to full measure, such persons will attain to peace and cessation of all suffering.

Wherever they stay, they will be free of all suffering. Whether they are young or old, they will be free of all suffering.

Whatever their situation, whatever work they have to perform, they will be free of all suffering because their minds (hearts) have reached the place where suffering is exhausted, where there is peace. It is like this. It is a matter of nature.

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