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Nepal fails to form gov't; Buddha Boy in bliss

Bodhisattva Maitreya, the Buddha to Come (Faroukh Mistry/

Mt. Everest foothills teeming with strife...
Political crisis deepens in Nepal as political parties fail to form a new government by the Friday deadline. Now 28 political parties represented in the Constitution Assembly have asked President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav to extend the date to form a consensus government.

In response, Yadav extended the deadline by five days. A statement issued by the president's office said Yadav had again called for the formation of a national unity government within the extended deadline. Due to the trust deficit among the political parties, forming a new consensus government has become a tall order. The parties have been trying to get a new government for six months but have been hampered by differences over ownership of the peace and constitution-drafting processes. More>>

Meanwhile, Buddha Boy still meditating
Wisdom Quarterly (
Even as Kathmandu is embroiled in political turmoil, Buddha Boy (a.k.a. Ram Bahadur Bomjon, Tapaswi Palden Dorje, and now "Ven. Dharma Sangha") continues to meditate blissfully -- but not blissed out: He is active and engaged. Buddha Boy is currently reaching out to Dharma teachers of all religions and Mahanipa Sanghas with a training program. The program of new prayers guided by Ven. Dharma Sangha and written in Nepali, English, and in a Himalayan Bodhisattva language is limited to 1,000 Dharma gurus of all religions. This event is not a darshan event and not for the general public. Bring blankets, sleeping bags, and other essentials in order to participate. Applications accepted until Feb. 10, 2011.

Ven. Dharma Sangha (Buddha Boy) Objectives
  • To help [enact] the objectives of [Ven.] Guru Dharma Sangha [Buddha Boy] by uniting [and guiding] those who have been cast aside and those who would divide society [restoring them] to the right Dharma path by eradicating discrimination and enmity.
  • To adopt the path of [Ven.] Guru Dharma Sangha and create a broad and peaceful environment to encourage all castes and religious sects to adopt the path of wisdom.
  • To preserve and develop the welfare of all wildlife, vegetation, and to respect the rights of all sentient beings [not sacrificing animals to gods as is a barbaric Brahminical custom].
  • To establish religious trusts, meditation centers, and social welfare centers throughout the world.
  • To appoint regional representatives as assistants to spiritual gurus in order to spread the messages of peace provided by Guru Dharma Sangha for other spiritual purposes.
  • [T]o declare the areas covered by Charkoshe Jhadi (the name of the forest where guru is practicing [strenuous] meditation) as a National Nonviolent Meditation Region and to confirm its designation as a meditation forest. More>>>

Hindus killing animals for God? (

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