Monday, January 10, 2011

Beastie Boy beats battle against cancer

Kalsang Rinchen (

Tibetan Freedom Concert featuring Beastie Boys ("So Whatcha Want," "Intergalactic")

DHARAMSALA, India – A longtime supporter of Tibet and member of the Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch, has won his 18 month long battle against cancer.

The singer, also known as MCA, was diagnosed with cancer in July 2009 after which the band’s album "Hot Sauce Committee, Part 1" was delayed indefinitely. Yauch underwent a surgery in July 2009 to remove a cancerous tumor from his left parotid gland.

In September 2009, he visited Dharamsala, the headquarters of the exile Tibetan government and the home of the Dalai Lama. During his visit, Yauch consulted Tibetan doctors of traditional Tibetan medicine.

In an email update to the Beastie Boys' official fan list in 2009, Yauch said, "I'm taking Tibetan medicine and at the recommendation of the Tibetan doctors I've been eating a vegan/organic diet."

He was spotted at a teaching of the Dalai Lama during the same trip. A Buddhist and supporter of Tibetan causes, Yauch has lent his popularity to raise awareness about the Tibet issue. More>>

Adam Yauch in 1999 (Part 2)

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