Friday, July 22, 2011

Dark Mission: Secret History of NASA (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
The Space Shuttle's last hurrah as seen through the atmosphere (

A secret shadow government has suppressed advanced technology that it is repeatedly caught with but denies -- NASA insider Richard C. Hoagland ( exposes the startling connections between topics too hard to believe: US government secrecy, cover ups, official extraterrestrial contact, ancient monuments on nearby planets, moons, and asteroids, clandestine operations subverting our veneer of civil rights, NAZIs, CIA, CNN, and the complicity of the mainstream news. (Thank you, Rupert Murdoch and Fox News corporation's "Black Ops").

The face on Mars and nearby structures (

NASA Mars missions may have more occult than scientific motivations. On July 4th, 1997, NASA's "Pathfinder" touched down. Richard C. Hoagland was the first to point out that with its pronounced tetrahedral design and distinctive solar panels forming equilateral triangles, Pathfinder chose a landing site in Ares Vallis located at 19.5 degrees north latitude as seen above (The Mars Mystery, p. 136). NASA's secret work on Mars is also exposed by

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