Monday, July 18, 2011

What's it matter that there were/are giants?

Wisdom Quarterly

According to Buddhist cosmology, the Titans (asuras) were cast out of their nearby world in space onto Earth. Angry and upset, they have taken it out on humans and space dwelling beings ever since. Of course, this is the province of "mythology" and it is well known. But mythology itself should be understood not as shaman fantasy or epic poetry, but as humankind's oldest history. It has survived around the world in countless cultures because we are collectively remembering a history that was difficult to endure, recover from, and retain. Even when written records exist (Indian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Tibetan, proto-Judeo-Christian, Mesoamerican), we instantly discount that as myth as well. Can we do the same for more modern records that again tell the tale of giants that roamed even this continent and country and mated with modern humans?

History Mysteries: Giants roamed the American western plains

Terrence Aym (Hellium)
“There were giants in the Earth in those days” (Genesis 6:4).

At one time a much more ancient race roamed the plains and deserts of pre-Columbian America. The evidence of their existence and their passing is related in Native-American folklore, the logs of world-famous explorers, and their desiccated bones -- now carelessly strewn about the sites of their ancient communities.

Some present day Native American tribes continue to recite the legends of the giants and how their ancestors fought brutal wars against them when they arrived in North America 15,000 years ago only to find the giants already here.

Others, like the Aztecs and Mayans, recorded their encounters with a race of giants to the north when they ventured out on exploratory expeditions. More

Either it is true or it is not. Either there is an opening under the clouds or there is not. It would not be hard to check -- if it were legal to fly over the poles. It would not be hard to sail there -- as Dr. Brooks Agnew set out to do before being frustrated at every turn by US officials well outside of their jurisdiction. How could we have Aurora Borealises over both poles simultaneously if it's caused by solar winds? How could birds fly toward the antarctic pole for winter? Why are there no photos of these parts of the planet? Why does Google Earth block or doctor images of this area? Why do images of the poles from cameras in space not get released? Why can we look up any and everything but not so simple a thing as topographical maps of wasteland snow, sea, and tundra?

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