Monday, July 11, 2011

Faking magic through Quirkology

Why do we see what isn't there? (More importantly, why don't we see the unbelievable that is there?) Beware of spiritual charlatans because these aren't the only paranormal tricks.

Coast to Coast (July )
Prof. Richard Wiseman, author and psychologist specializing in the [social] psychology of the paranormal or Quirkology, was recently discussing his 20 years of research into the paranormal. He explained why he takes a somewhat skeptical perspective on phenomena such as ghosts, out-of-body experiences, fortune telling, and mind control.

(Wisdom Quarterly) Wiseman does not deny that these phenomena exist. He just feels more comfortable exhausting simple scientific explanations first. If we believe something can happen, we'll be able to see it. This would explain a lot of (beneficial) meditative experiences.

The inner mind and the outer reality reflect one another. But we imagine them independent and imagine ourselves capable of pure objectivity. What we see is always being affected by what we believe. Beliefs do not determine it, but their effect is easy to underestimate. There's a simple saying that encapsulates this message: "I'll see when I believe it!"

The Color Changing Card Trick

Lacking mindfulness and clear comprehension (sati and sampajanna), what do we miss?

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