Thursday, December 15, 2011

World Revolution Redux (censored)

Occupy Everywhere (St. Paul's Cathedral, London)

VIDEO: Occupy London harbors political ambition - Europe (AJ, English)

(, Dec. 2, 2011) Time Magazine is censoring its US edition. Rather than headlining "revolution," we will be told that "Anxiety is good" for us. We will be distracted and encouraged to ignore the current crisis of popular uprisings going on all around the world. In other countries, the headline will read REVOLUTION REDUX.

"You can't handle the truth!" Jack Nicholson insists in "A Few Good Men." Can we? It was just reported that jobless claim rates went down to "give Americans hope." But that happens every December with the hiring of seasonal help, boosting of Christmas spending (holiday debt), and flooding the European economy with unbacked Fed printed money to the tune of 7.7 trillion secretly handed out to manipulate and prop up markets. There is a major prediction at the end of the video...if one can handle the truth.

Why are we spoon fed images and nonsense narratives by the mainstream media "news"? Diversion and reality TV are meant to be distractions. But why are comedies like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report almost are only honest sources of news? (There are also Pacifica, INN World Report, and other examples along the Wisdom Quarterly sidebar).

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