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UFOs over Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves (video)

Coast to Coast; Wisdom Quarterly; Strange

COAST TO COAST - Host George Knapp interviewed Tom DeLonge, singer-guitarist for the sophomoric pop-punk bands Blink 182 and his newer, more esoteric Freemason and Illuminati-tinged Angels & Airwaves, for a discussion of the weird world of UFOs, conspiracies, and rock and roll.

DeLonge has a longstanding interest in UFOs, and with his new aggregating website Strange Times he hopes to become a clearinghouse for paranormal news.

DeLonge's Angels and Airwaves performs "Everything's Magic"

Rock photographer Robert Knight joined them for a brief time as DeLonge traced his interest in paranormal occurrences back to the 7th grade. And when his band sold out (signed a big corporate record deal) in the mid-1990's, he used the money to buy a computer "specifically to go on the Internet and research UFOs."

As Blink became more successful, DeLonge reached out to UFO Disclosure Project advocate Dr. Steven Greer. At one point, Greer gave him 36 hours of taped testimonies from government insiders sharing their knowledge of the phenomenon. Following that, DeLonge's phone lines began acting strangely, despite changing homes several times.

AVA's UFO encounter song

In retrospect, he theorizes that Greer's work is being facilitated by the government or has been co-opted. So, DeLonge surmises, those behind the plan were caught off guard when a rock star suddenly received the information. The powers that be began tapping his phone to see what he might do with it.

DeLonge shared his insights as someone with years of celebrity status that has given him better access to pursue his interest in the paranormal. He and a friend visited NASA and inquired about UFOs. A NASA official they met denied knowledge of the UFO phenomenon.

Asked directly about his involvement in Freemasonry and the Illuminati, DeLonge dodged the question rather than simply denying it, either to encourage mystery or to avoid betraying his powerful associates. He tried to shift suspicion onto Dr. Greer.

But she did admit that, after the final Apollo lunar mission, the FBI came to the space agency. And they "took and destroyed all the technology and all the paperwork and everything on how to get to the Moon."

DeLonge talked about a black triangle craft he discussed with a pair of friends from the "deepest of the deepest engineering groups in the United States."

After detailing how he believes the triangles are secret US anti-gravity craft, DeLonge said the engineer gravely warned him that "you better be really careful with what you're talking about." Source

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