Monday, December 19, 2011

Discussion: UFOs, "heavens," ETs?

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)

UFOs and "heaven," shining ones, "light beings," and worlds in space -- what a load of rubbish, we say. The day after disclosure we will collectively say, "We knew it all along that we weren't alone!" We did not "know." Why don't they show themselves? It currently takes some faith or some very open minded investigation.

Wisdom Quarterly regularly deals with this delicate topic and is concerned with space (akasha deva loka), space exploration, and space beings (ancient aliens). They have been intimately involved with humans for aeons, probably from the beginning (of this world cycle). There are humans in space and there have been for millenia.

We are not at the beginning of the species. We are not a few million years in at the apex of Homo sapien evolution. Hundreds of millions of years have elapsed, lost histories of humanoid life on Earth and in space. Are only connection to those epochs and lost worlds survives as mythology.

And there would be no reason to ever speak of something as silly as "mythology," Buddhist cosmology, or extraterrestrials and cryptozoological specimens -- except that they are accessible and verifiable NOW to the mind that attains to vision with the aid of jhana (purifying meditative absorptions).

Wisdom Quarterly has direct reports from meditators known exceedingly well by us. The reports are of the direct perception of beings the Buddha saw and spoke of. This means the unseen are capable of being seen. They can be verified even if they do not show themselves. Faith is not the way to see them. Open minded practice is, and this requires an element of verifiable-faith (saddha) or confidence to come and see.

Why are some scientists, atheists, and materialists afraid of that? DMT is said to be a shortcut, and so the government bans it. But we are capable of all things if we set aside preconceptions, sit down, and open up (still protected from inimical forces that also really exist). We are not "believers." We are practitioners who study the texts and try to make American sense of them.

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