Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Israeli Jew spills truth about Israel (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Miko Peled speaks to Christians in U.S., Dec. 2012

Palestinian boy tries to defend family from genocidal, invading Israeli militants (EOI).

I'll gladly kill every last d*mn Palestinian
Miko Peled was born into a famous and influential Israeli Jewish family in Jerusalem, who like others did his compulsory military service for Israel. His father was a prominent general in the Israeli Army exterminating Palestinians. Another relative of his was a close personal friend and schoolmate of right-wing extremist [and U.S.-groomed CIA operative] Bibi Netanyahu

When Peled's famous niece was killed by desperate Palestinian suicide bombers, the family may have been expected to place the fault on Palestinians. But surprisingly they blamed the "State of Israel," which violently tortures, persecutes, and pulls every dirty trick of imperial rule to drive the indigenous people from their houses and homeland. The Palestinians are so mistreated that in their sadness and desperation they would take their own lives to strike back.

I'm just following orders to attack Arabs.
Through his father's deep knowledge of the Israeli military's terrorist tactics, together with his own research, Peled realized the myths Israelis are fed about their own special history. The stories they are told make no sense under closer examination. Peled ruins the myths surrounding the supposed birth of Israel and the destruction of Palestine. He delivers truth so damning that many Jews and rabid Israel supporters in the USA are not able to bear it. The truth must not be revealed because it would make Israel the war criminals, the propagandists, the invaders and occupiers in collusion with the West laboring under a false history shrouded in Christian distortions.

Looks like a new Berlin Wall, but it's a "fence"
He reveals such things as the fact that the original Jews expelled are not the ones claiming a "right of return," nor their descendants. He covers the double standard regarding the right of return, which is not allowed to apply to Palestinians, and dispels the myth that there has been a conflict for ages by producing proof that it was peaceful for all up until 1947, when Israel launched their illegal attacks heavily subsidized by the U.S. and UK.

Miko Peled is right...He must be silenced!
Peled is just one of the many modern-day Jews who refuse to be complicit in Israeli crimes against humanity. He has turned against Zionism and the State of Israel, and with the information he delivers in this astounding talk, it is easy to see why more and more Jews are rejecting Zionism and calling for the dismantling of Israel.

It is a true eye-opener for anyone who has for too long been blinded by the disinformation reported without question by the mainstream U.S. media. Here the truth comes straight from the heartland where he has spent many years documenting the real story.

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