Monday, July 21, 2014

Stop US-Israel's war crimes (video)

We supply the arms, the weapons, the money, and the overwhelming strategic geopolitical interest that fuels Israeli war crimes. Then we, the USA (via our CIA and NSA), provide the public relations cover and the UN Security Council votes to make sure that no international force opposes our co-crimes against humanity with war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu. American Jews go to fight in Israel's military, as well as funneling hundreds of millions into Israel's anti-Palestinian efforts, what one brave Western Jewish professor calls Israel's "incremental genocide" of Palestinians, the indigenous people under Israeli colonial rule and occupation.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is gagged, the Obama administration (along with Secretary of State Skull 'n Bones member and accidental Israel-criticizer/truth-teller John Kerry) is eager to defend Israel's military and internationally illegal tactics, and most of us as Americans sit on our hands being lied to and thinking he said/she said. Well, Israel did suffer the loss of three kidnapped teens living in illegal settlements encroaching farther into the ghettos and reservations of Israel's displaced prisoners in the world's largest open air prison called the Gaza Strip. So it only makes sense to bomb defenseless civilians from the air, from naval ships cruising safely up and down the Mediterranean (which forms the entire western border of Gaza), from infiltrators, from ground invaders, from racist Jewish assassins of the infamous Mossad... And then there are the free-roaming right wing Jewish racists beating up Israeli dissidents on the left who oppose Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Knesset, and Israel's illegal/US-funded war machine.

Why does this matter to us? We're not really the "U.S.," or the military, or the American government, or the military-industrial complex, or the Pentagon, or the U.N. It matters to us, to all of us as citizens and residents because Israel trains our police chiefs and prison-industrial complex heads. Our racism as American citizens, directed at our indigenous populations -- and our urbanized/ghettoized populations -- directly stems from training and technology received from our "special" relationship with that occupied land calling itself the "State of Israel." Don't believe it? Gov. Perry just decided to send Texas troops over to the southern U.S. border to "aid" with the annihilation of our own post-colonial "troublemakers," which is anyone trying to come in and bother our murderous border police.

Call it Zionism, clothe it in fundamentalist Christian terms, adopt a twisted biblical paradigm, and... kill, kill, kill. Yes, "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition"! And call anyone who opposes Israel an antisemite or a self-hating Jew. Max Steinberg, a killer from California, fell in love with illegal-Israel on a free trip (offered to all Jews by Israel) and died as a sharpshooter killing Arabs and Palestinians for the idea. What a pity; he should have gone to the other Israel, the Russian oblast no one talks about.
Border Children: ‘They Don’t Speak English, but They Understand Hate’
Amy Goodman with Denis Moynihan
Amys_column_defaultChildren are still fleeing violence in their native Central American home countries, seeking safety, at great risk, in distant lands. The issue is widely described here in the United States as a “border crisis,” but it isn’t that. We are experiencing a profound failure of economic globalization and U.S. foreign policy, amplified by failed, stagnant immigration policies here at home. Listen

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