Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Israel's side of the story (video)

Green: annihilating Palestine's right to exist
As if the Israeli propaganda machine did not already entirely drown out every other voice on the matter, with help from the figurehead capital of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex known as the White House and its active press room, let's hear what it's like on the ground in Gaza through the eyes of a super-embedded super-soldier, armed with the latest, most high-tech U.S. weaponry capable of speeding up the "incremental genocide" on the neighboring and astonishingly peaceful Palestinians.

(Peaceful? They certainly can't be called "restive" when a population of 2,000,000 is blamed for every Israeli claim of self-defense and offense by an increasingly marginalized and demonized Hamas movement, which does amount to even 1% of the total Palestinian population).

Hooray for colonialism!
"Waltzing down the strip past the fence over fox holes and chunnels, It take not of the martyr's hip: Does it strut, does it offend? I pull my AK-, my way, '48, the newest thing and brandish it on my lip with the cadence of my automatic clip.

"'Nakba' says my friend as I take him down, him and all his hoodlum kids. Now words have I, none he'd understand. He's coming to that side to be re-arrested, not tried but traded for terrorist fiends.

"But if I could say to Bibi or to the Knesset entire, Give us free reign, messiah, give us free reign, would they smile? Livni winks. We're acting as she pleases. We're taking all their homes and the property seizes, she says, he says, NOBODY SAY A WORD!

"Operation Protected Edge glints from my sword, and I'll light up this whole block. You have exactly 57 seconds. Third Floor, jump! because you won't be making it to the door. How I adore the smell of falafel in the morning burning in the rubble like the faint ghosts that to Gaza go. And I, a masked soldier, lately return home."

NOTE: For the official Israeli party-line via the Knesset's [Israeli government's] direct line, refer to the White House, AP, BBC, UPI, AFP, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, and CIA.

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