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Sydney Lee: seeing Buddha Boy, Nepal

"Buddha Boy," Ram Bahadur Bomjon, aka Ven. Palden Dorje (

Wisdom Quarterly reader Sydney Lee (Redelie Legaspi) writes in in response to Buddha Boy returns to meditating

Sydney Lee (
"Hi, I'm Sydney Lee. I have been a Buddhist for 20 years. Many miracles have happened in the past four years leading to me now being able to pursue my spiritual growth full-time from now on. I have come to Nepal to see Lumbini [the garden park where Prince Siddhartha was born as his mother, Queen Maya, was on the road to her parent's kingdom to give birth as was the custom in those days] and the Buddha Boy. And I have seen an article indicating that your group has contact with him. I hope you can assist me in my journey to meet him as soon as possible so that I can continue my Dharma to help awaken all sentient beings. Your prompt response will be deeply appreciated."

Maitreya, Central Asian prince (MS)
And also on Saturday, 11/15/14: "Hi, I'm currently here in Kathmandu, and I really want to meet the guru. Can you please help me arrange a schedule to meet him? Thank you."

Chinese fortune cookie say, "Man who looks before leaping can't be surprised by a hard landing."

Our motivational speaker likes to says, "He who fails to plan plans to fail."

Stewie G. Griffin
And CEO Stewart Gilligan Griffin of Stewie's Global Enterprises Unltd. is fond of reminding his employee, Brian: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

Sydney, what can we learn from these three sources? Here's a fourth: Once upon a time a provincial Buddhist wanted very much to see the Buddha. And traveling far and making all that effort, the Buddha asked, Why? What does it profit you to see this body? Better still to see the Dharma (the liberating Truth). The one who sees Dependent Origination sees me, and who sees me sees Dependent Origination

If we knew what that meant we should be much further along in our quest for enlightenment and nirvana, for the freeing of other beings who suffer, for the peace of the world, this and where devas dwell.

Buddha Boy is now a man who eats.
Sydney, go to then get on a bus down to the forest where the crowds gather. You can contact them directly or just show up with a chance to see (darshan) Buddha Boy and talk to his entourage about talking to him directly.

Remember, that the main difference between what the Buddha taught and "popular Buddhism" (Mahayana) is that he rejected Vedic Brahmanism (now morphed into Hinduism) that Brahmins introduced into Mahayana Buddhism. One of these is the messianic idea that the goal of individuals to save all sentient beings by constantly being reborn with the goal of becoming a supremely enlightened buddha. You may want to investigate that assumption, perhaps by looking at it from a Theravada perspective. To help them you must help yourself simultaneously: practice your meditation before you think of prompting others to practice theirs. We'll follow up with you when you get to the jungle. Write in when you do.

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