Monday, November 10, 2014

The strange stones: America Unearthed (video)

(America Unearthed) "The Men Who Came to America Before Columbus" - We have already seen that Edward P. Vining, An Inglorious Columbus (1885), establishes the arrival of Afghan and Chinese Buddhist missionaries long before Columbus. Evidence has been found of two other men who came to New Mexico in the United States long before Columbus.

The Great Wall of Texas (44 minutes) TV-PG Scott Wolter conducts a massive excavation in the city of Rockwall, Texas to figure out who or what created the underground walls that the town was built over.

(AMC)  Why are we not told in school about the hundreds of thousands of miles (est. 240,000 miles) of ancient stone walls all over the northeastern part of the United States of America? Why are we not told that the same area has over 800 mysterious solar aligned stone chambers that resemble ones from prehistoric Europe? Why are we not told these chambers are also astronomically aligned to the very same points as European and other chambers? And the one thing that rarely gets serious mention, other than by Christian literalists and fundamentalists, are the GIANTS (titans, asuras).

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