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CIA involved in drug trafficking (Hitler video)

The author of this research is Professor of Southeast and Asian History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Alfred W. McCoy, who wrote The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.
Legally become addicted to prescriptions.
There is an invisible power which secretly rules.

"Allegations linking CIA secret operations and drug trafficking have persisted on and off ever since the Agency's founding in 1947. Rep. John Conyers, Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus, convened a special seminar on Capitol Hill to focus on the issue. A distinguished panel of experts discussed the new revelations swell as CIA covert actions in Southeast Asia. Their testimony is startling. [See the following transcript of Alfred McCoy's remarks]. The CIA was invited but declined to appear."
- David Barsamian, Director, Alternative Radio

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In August of last year, the San Jose Mercury newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area reported that a syndicate allied with Nicaragua's CIA-backed Contras had delivered tons of cocaine to Los Angeles gangs during the 1980s. The Mercury concluded, "The Contra-run drug network opened the first conduit between Colombia's cartels and L.A.'s black neighborhoods. It's impossible to believe that the CIA didn't know." ...The Congressional Black Caucus demanded an investigation. But CIA Director John Deutch shot back, "The Agency neither participated in nor condoned drug trafficking by Contra forces."

This racially charged debate raises four questions about the CIA and drugs, questions which now demand answers.
  1. Did the Agency ever ally with drug traffickers?
  2. Did the CIA protect these allies from prosecution [like it once did for Nazi war criminals brought to live and work in the U.S. and in its own ranks]?
  3. Did such alliances and protection contribute significantly to an expansion of global drug trade over the past 50 years?
  4. Did the CIA encourage drug smugglers to target African-American communities?
For the past quarter century I have been looking at this question, focusing on alliances between the Agency and the Asian drug lords during the 50 years of the Cold War. I believe that this history offers precise parallels, particularly the Afghan operation, that can shed considerable light on the debate over alleged CIA involvement in the Contra cocaine trade.

One of the most "perverse" drugs of all Pervitin = methamphetamine invented by Nazis.
Another Nazi drug, fluoride, as Prozac
Throughout the Cold War, the CIA used gangsters and war lords, many of them drug dealers, to fight communism. As the Cold War ends, our list of CIA's assets who use their alliance with the Agency to deal drugs grows ever longer.

It includes Marseilles Corsicans, Laotian generals, Thai police, Nationalist Chinese irregulars, Afghan rebels, Pakistani intelligence, Haitian colonels, Mexican police units, Guatemalan military, and look through your local paper for further listings.
During the 40 years of the Cold War, government intelligence services -- our own CIA included -- forged covert action alliances with some of Asia's key opium traffickers, inadvertently contributing to an initial expansion of opium production.
Nazis were invited to US, helped build CIA
In one of history's accidents, a very important accident, the Iron Curtain came crashing down along the Asian opium zone that stretches for 5,000 miles from Turkey to Thailand, making these rugged, opium-producing highlands a key front of Cold War confrontation.

Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, addict
During the Cold War the CIA and allied agencies mounted operations in this opium zone. It found that ethnic warlords were its most effective covert action assets. [The CIA pays "warlords" to deal drugs and provide them supplies, which the CIA brings to the USA to distribute to citizens and feed our drug addictions while the White House pretends to be waging an all out hypocritical "War on Drugs. This is a Nazi plan brought to life outside of Germany.]

(Comedy Central) Stephen Colbert: "Thank you, [U.S.] Nazis."

Hitler was secretly a crystal meth (Pervitin) addict says new documentary (nationalpost).
These leaders exploited the CIA alliance to become drug lords, expanding opium production and exporting refined heroin. The Agency tolerated such trafficking and when necessary blocked investigations.

Since ruthless drug lords made effective anti-Communists, and heroin profits amplified their power, CIA agents, operating alone, half a world away from home, did not tamper with the requisites of success in such delicate operations. Surveying the steady increase in America's drug problem since the end of World War II, I can thus discern periodic increases in drug supply that coincide, if only approximately, with covert operations in the drug zones.

High Hitler: Adolf on Amphetamines
(GW) In 1936, Hitler was regularly using opiates and newly developed methamphetamine. By 1939, he was severely impaired, an addict leading Germany on a road to ruin. With friends like his physician, Dr. Felix Morrell, at his side for the last five years, who needs enemies?

CIA in the Global Drug Trade
Let me now turn to Southeast Asia, the site of these earliest CIA alliances with drug lords. Let's look at the background here because the background is important.

On the eve of World War II, most Southeast Asian governments sponsored state opium monopolies that sold legal smoking opium to registered addicts and generated substantial tax revenues. Despite this extensive opium consumption during the pre-war colonial era, Southeast Asia had remained a major opium consumer but very importantly for our story, a very minor opium producer. In 1940, Southeast Asia harvested only 15 tons in a region that produces today over 3,000 tons. Why? Why was it so low before the war?

CIA's Research on Torture
Since British colonial India supplied these colonial governments in Southeast Asia with limitless, low cost opium, Southeast Asian colonial governments had no reason to encourage local opium production. The sudden growth of the Golden Triangle opium production in the 1950s appears in retrospect a response to two stimuli, prohibition and protection. More
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