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Black Egypt (Kemet) 10 Discoveries (video)

Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; KRST (KPFK)
The pharaohs were black, ruling Egypt, Africa, for millenia (
A black continent was visited from above, and advanced technology led to monuments.
(SD) Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries: Zahi Hawass, senior Egyptian archeologist, gives a tour
The meticulous work Mr. Binns from The House of Nijart and his assistant, William Coney, did over the past few months has restored 12 foot monuments of Queen TIYE and Ramses II to their original glory as created by artist Charles Dickson. They are a blessing to the community encouraging many to visit to see themselves, as hoped, depicted in African splendor. - Dr. Meri Ka Ra

Hose of Nijart, Los Angeles
Dr. Ra has an hour (Mondays at 1:00 pm) as part of KPFK's Inner Vision lunch hour programming. Most of the week is taken up Lisa Garr's The Aware Show and an abusive psychologist who uses her time to berate callers. Dr. Ra and various collaborators like Brother Yaw explore the contribution of African culture to the world, particularly in the area of spirituality.

Sadly, Caucasian cultures have systematically undermined, discounted, and/or misappropriated most of these contributions. The latest travesty is Ridley Scott's racist depiction of blacks in "Exodus: Gods and Men," which is set in Africa. They're missing. Jewish slaves are shown building pyramids. And for good reason the film has been banned in some countries as a gross distortion of history. And when asked about his choice in selecting an all white cast, he answered, "Get a life!" Who's going to want to watch a movie with all black people, which is what a film of ancient Egypt would mostly be? Not Hollywood. Hollywood is not interested in telling the actual truth but just a convenient truth as suited to the times. This leaves us all with gross inaccuracies about the Bible, Israel, and other key geopolitical facts.

"Exodus: Gods and Men" - gross cultural misappropriation, racist reinterpretation of history.

Egypt and Israel are in Africa
But all of the amazing work of the pyramid builders with their secret advanced technology, which mingled a human interface with stone and other structures, is the work of Africans on the world's largest continent. William Henry, for example, does not realize his bias. The British archeological explorers, just as they did in India and Afghanistan, could hardly help but elevate themselves and denigrate everyone else. It may have even gone on eventually in ancient Greece, who at first must have been in awe of the accomplishments of a former culture.

They had sex in ancient Egypt? Yes.
(DocTV) "Sex in Ancient Egypt" erotic scroll secrets revealed, full documentary
Egypt is in Africa
The globe on left shows that Egypt is in Africa, which is a continent (
The difference between the rest of Africa and "Israel" is this fence, which looks north onto disputed Sinai. Whether it is Egypt, Jordan, or Israel, it's Africa at the Eilat border (wiki).

There are only adults in this engraving, and the large humanoid creatures with massive heads covered by atef crowns are giants on Earth who came from space or the Sun, ruled, and mated (or combined DNA) with royal families (judahsdaughter).

Pharaoh rulers
Zahi Hawass, the former czar or "Hitler" of Egyptian antiquities for many years, who is not black, perhaps an Arab who conquered this part of Africa, for one reason or another was adamant about keeping Egypt's secrets -- who really built the pyramids (and their real antiquity), connecting tunnels, underground chambers, and the artifacts found within them.

Sumer: ETs often intervene and rule.
Greater things than King Tut's tomb have been found, but either has not made as much of a splash or has not been revealed and widely reported. King Tut was black (and recently shown to be disfigured with a club foot and cleft palate), like all of Egypt (Kemet, the "land of the black" or "black land," named after the inhabitants and the rich alluvial soil in the Blue Nile), which is completely in Africa. Ethiopia (Biblical Kush) was the adjacent kingdom across the strait to land that links with Central Asia and India.

Nile and Israel, Africa, satellite (wiki/NASA/MODIS)
This should be obvious, but few people today have realized or will admit that Palestine/Israel is in Africa. Look at a satellite map rather than a political one.

But there were other "races," notably the reds, yellows, and extraterrestrial giants with massive skulls. Those skulls are available for analysis, and carved on many walls are depictions of the relative size of these visitors and their hybrid offspring. The pharaohs apparently outlived ordinary humans like "heroes of old, men of renown." Timbuktu, Africa, is the site of the first "university" in history, older even than what is thought to be the first, a Buddhist institution in India.

The evidence for a line of Egyptian kings being black will be presented this weekend by Monday's radio guest at the KRST (pronounced kor-esh) Unity Center in Los Angeles. More marvels of Egypt will also be revealed.
  • KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science
  • 7825 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047
  • (323) 759-7567
(Black History of Egypt) When the Arabs invaded black North Africa
The Mayan/Aztec pyramids of Mexico are some of the most beautiful and mysterious.
Whoever helped Egypt (Kemet) build pyramids went around the world building them.
Buddhist pyramid temples
Wisdom Quarterly wiki edit
Fo Guang Shan pyramid Buddha Memorial Center, Taiwan (Zosoiv71/
Largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, Indonesia.
Buddha's Light Mountain (Fo Guang Shan) pyramid: When Rev. Master Hsing Yun held the Bodhgaya International Full Ordination in India in 1998, he came to the attention of Kunga Dorje Rinpoche, a Tibetan lama who had been protecting a tooth relic of the Buddha since the destruction of Namgyal Monastery in Tibet during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

The relic has been authenticated by several Tibetan rinpoches, who advised Kunga Dorje Rinpoche to build a reliquary mound or stupa to house it so that the public could pay their respects and make offerings.

Colossal pyramid and Buddha Memorial Center pagoda (Linc060/flickr)
Pyramidal Wat Arun stupa, Bangkok, Thailand
Since he was unable to do so due to old age, he and his advisers reached the consensus to donate the tooth relic to Hsing Yun, believing that he had the means to build such a resting place. The relic was officially escorted to Taiwan on April 8, 1998.

Building plans for the Buddha Memorial Center started immediately, with support from the Taiwanese government. The site is situated immediately adjacent to the main monastery and covers more than 100 hectares.

The complex faces east and is built along a central axial line. Beyond the Welcoming Hall are eight Chinese-styled pagodas on either side of the main avenue leading up to Bodhi Square, about which are statues of the Buddha's main disciples and of the founders of the principal schools of Chinese Buddhism.

This gives onto the Memorial Hall, with its various shrines, including the Jade Buddha Shrine in which the tooth relic is located. Above the hall are four stupas that symbolize the Four Noble Truths.
Standing behind but separate from it, there is an enormous 108 meter high seated metal Amitabha Buddha. The center was opened at an international ceremony on Dec. 25 2011 and the first anniversary celebrated on Christmas Day 2012. More

Buddhist pyramid temple, mandala and pagoda (

Pyramid: Buddha Memorial Center with four Indian-like Mahabodhi pagodas (wiki)

Afro-Asiatic: Kush (Ethiopia, Sudan/Nubia) is to the left. Its empire, or somehow another unrelated group called the Greek Kushans not spreading Kush, spread all the way east to Afghanistan and India, later again taken by the ancient Greeks in Bactria and Sogdia.

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