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HAARP: storm hits, floods SF, LA (video)

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Storm clouds brewing (Christos Tsoumplekas/ via
Kissing by the Bay Area's iconic bridge before the storm, San Francisco (

Hey, let's seed the clouds with lead! (Fox News)
Climate chaos, anyone? When we use HAARP to disrupt the "sky rivers," the massive movement of water (such as the jetstream) in the form of gas, weather patterns are destabilized leading to drier period and torrential downpours. This technology was already in use during the U.S. War on Vietnam when the military used weather modification technology, such as cloud seeding, in an attempt to drown out Viet Cong guerrillas taking refuge in the jungle. California gets drought, other parts of the country get flooding and freezing blizzards, and no one is happy.

(Freeman Fly/ An award-winning documentary on HAARP, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The U.S. government -- through its Space Command, NSA, CIA, DARPA, and other secretive war agencies -- has a ground-based "Star Wars" weapon that can change weather patterns, jam global communications, unnaturally impact the Earth's upper atmosphere, modify weather, and negatively affect our health.

ML Mann struggles in the wind and rain to make her way to catch a ferry, Dec. 11, 2014, SF from Sausalito, CA. This storm is expected to be one of the windiest and rainiest in five years. It swept across the San Francisco Bay Area on this morning , knocking out power to thousands and delaying travel by air, train, and ferry aiming for Los Angeles (AP).
SAN FRANCISCO, California - Strong gales and sheets of rain that knocked out electricity, flooded freeway, and toppled trees in Northern California churned Thursday to a slide-prone Southern California bracing for its own beating.

"It's a big storm, as we expected, and it's headed south with very powerful winds and heavy rainfall," said National Weather Service meteorologist Will Pi. Its strong winds felled a tree in southern Oregon, killing a homeless man, 40-year-old Phillip Crosby, who was sleeping on a trail.

Aidan Perez, left, 12, and Christopher Dow, 11, use a shopping cart to get around the flooded parking lot in Healdsburg, Northern California, Thursday, 12-11-14 (AP).
Police raid Occupy SF (
Los Angeles should expect rain by the end of the day. Already, one apartment complex in a spot prone to mudslides in Riverside was evacuated. In the San Bernardino National Forest, lumber workers were loading concrete weights onto the stacks to keep them from blowing away, and piling sandbags in front of their shop doors to stave off floodwater.

"We're getting ready this afternoon because it's supposed to come in tonight," said Jim Maddox, a worker at Rim Forest Lumber. "You expect the worse and hope for the best." The San Bernardino Mountains have been razed by wildfires and were already doused by a storm last week, making them particularly vulnerable to mud flows. More

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