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Buddhist monk stabs monk in California (video);; Contra Costa Times; CC Liu, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
Cambodian Buddhist monk Ven. Chundoeun Phin, Oakland (

Racist "Christian terrorist" caught (AP)
While a WHITE RACIST CHRISTIAN TERRORIST was gathering national and worldwide rancor for killing 9 fellow Christians in Charleston, South Carolina, a Cambodian Buddhist monk went berserk in O-Town, California. No one died, but one monk violated the Buddhist precepts and monastic rules (vinaya) regulating the contemplative life of Theravada ascetics. We are living in strange times, not that there have been many or any "normal" times anytime in the recent past throughout the Kali Yuga (the "Decadent Age" we are currently cycling through in samsara).

Look, ma, no hand[cuff]s? White privilege extends to terrorist mass murderer (AP/WQ).
Elderly Buddhist Monk Survives Being "Chopped Up" by Monk Reportedly Wielding Two Butcher Knives 
"He was attacking him with two butcher knives...chopping him up"
He did it! Thai monk during unrest (S).
OAKLAND, California - An elderly Buddhist monk was in critical condition after being stabbed by a fellow monk in Oakland Tuesday night, a [monastery] elder confirmed to KPIX 5.
Oakland police say the assault happened at 6:19 pm Tuesday evening in the 600 block of Douglas Avenue in Oakland. The 66-year-old [monk] was taken to a local hospital and listed in critical condition.
My son's Cambodian (Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie/video still/WQ)
Eat or I'll stab you (j/k!) Kind Thai monk
The small community of monks [Sangha] who live in the Oakland neighborhood say they’re committed to living in peaceful co-existence with one another [in accordance with the Buddha's ancient guidelines, etiquette, and self-disciplinary code known as the Vinaya and condensed into a list of major rules known as the Patimokkha].

A [monastery] elder told KPIX 5’s Devin Fehely that the victim was a Buddhist monk from The Branch of International Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks Center, near the location of the assault.
“He was attacking him with two butcher knives, just chopping him up,” monk [Ven.] Chundoeun Phin said.
When nagas (snakes, reptilians) take over a culture, like the Khmer in Cambodia or the Mayans in America, things tend to go south. This naga or dragon is in a Carnival parade, Beija-Flor Samba School, Rio de Janeiro (Felipe Dana/AP/NPR).
[Ven.] Phin says he heard the attack and rushed downstairs to find one of his fellow monks on top of the 66-year-old leader [abbot] of their community.
“My reaction was so fast. I pushed him as hard as I could. I must have startled him because he dropped both of the knives [suggesting he was possessed or in a fugue state rather than just malice].”
[Ven.] Phin says the attacker ran away while he frantically called 911 for help.
“I grabbed a towel and put it on the victim’s head and told him to hold on until the ambulance came.”
[Ven.] Phin says the attacker had only recently joined the monastery and is in disbelief that someone they welcomed into their home could commit such a violent crime.
“I feel bad. I thought he would be a whole changed person. But something just snapped in his head.”
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Monk sought in knife attack
Cambodian Buddhist temple, Oakland, California (Google maps/
Sympathy pains: No, not with knives!
OAKLAND - A stabbing Tuesday night at a Cambodian monastery in East Oakland left a 66-year-old monk injured and another monk [is] sought in the attack, authorities said Wednesday.

The victim was stabbed numerous times in the head and body with kitchen knives and was in stable condition at a hospital, authorities said. 

Neither man's name was released by police and no motive has been established for the attack. 
The stabbing happened about 6:15 pm Tuesday at the monastery, which is part of the Cambodian Community Development Inc. complex, 624 Douglas Ave.

Officials said the victim was the head monk [abbot] and had lived at the monastery 10 years. The 30-year-old suspect had lived there a year.
Do not touch monks or hug statues.
The attack happened on the lower floor of the monastery. The noise attracted the attention of another monk who pushed the suspect away from the victim and called emergency personnel and police.
The suspect fled on foot and was last seen in the area of San Leandro and Apricot streets several blocks away with blood on his clothes, authorities said. 
  • WANTED: Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering up to $5,000 in reward money for information leading to the suspect's arrest. Anyone with information may call police at (510) 238-3426 or Crime Stoppers at (510) 777-8572. 
A Buddhist monk was critically wounded after a fellow monk stabbed him in East Oakland, authorities said. 

Buddhist monk stabbed by fellow monk in East Oakland
Irish tragedy in Berkeley
Henry K. Lee (San Francisco Chronicle/ The attack happened at the Branch of International Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks Center at 624 Douglas Ave. about 6:15 pm Tuesday. Authorities said the suspect, who had recently joined the monastery, stabbed the 66-year-old head monk in the face before fleeing. Witnesses told police that the victim’s face was “split open.” The names of the monks were not released, and a motive was not immediately known. More

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