Friday, June 26, 2015

Naked biking, gay marriage, fire, prison break

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly;;;; Tom Tomorrow (
Keep your head in the game and your eyes on the road. So many distractions!
"A Confederacy of Denial" (Tom Tomorrow/

The Zen of Naked Bicycle Maintenance: clean seat, shave right leg (Neploho/
Nude is not Lewd
Yoga is done nearly nude (B).
Get over it. What began in Portland, Oregon, is actually worldwide. It's the World Naked Bike Ride again comes to L.A. Why?

It helps and brings attention to the environment and enhances the positive body image of bicyclists and onlookers (Men staring at boobs, science has shown, is heart healthy even if it seems or is a bit pervy.

DOWNTOWN, Los Angeles - We will meet up near Buddhist Chinatown on Saturday morning, June 27, 2015. The exact location will be revealed at midnight at

What am I, The Naked Ape? But isn't nudity shameful and lewd? That's what we are taught and constantly conditioned to believe. Think of the Eve and Adam, the Snake that misled them, and the god that punished them. Get the h*ll out of my Garden! If you're interested, I've got some swampland to the east you may be interested in.

Welcome to L.A. Nude Women's Cycling Team of Columbia? No, it's not full frontal nudity, just a new uniform with misleading flesh tone midriff (

Back in the good old days, Peter Griffin, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton kept us distracted.

For a country that lives in fear of sexuality and nudity, it's Naked Time (A. Pearson)

Supreme court votes 5-4 to make gay marriage mandatory for all states to accept.
Homosexual/gay marriage means lesbian marriage, too, so get used to it (
Do you oppose calling gay unions "marriages"? Too bad, the court says you must.
Fires are currently sweeping through California as Nature intends except the situation is worsened by our synthetic drought brought on by geo-engineers and climate manipulators using chemtrails and HAARP (iheart)
Escapee Richard Matt was murdered by vengeful police today, humiliated over Matt's escape with the help of corrupt prison guard(s) and staff. This ends embarrassing weeks on the lam...except his partner, David Sweat, is still free (newser).
Prison break? Is this a police state yet, officer? - It soon will be, boy!
Mandatory acceptance of toxic (thimerosal, mercury, aluminum, etc.), autism-inducing, experimental, ineffective, or any other kind of excipient-laced vaccination clears final hurdle and come one step nearer becoming law. Or you can home school, with proper approval and oversight. If Nazis put fluoride in food, what's a little Prozac in our drinking water?
Feline Yogi, which is based in LA, sells yoga mats for your cat. The mats have a special cat toy attached that's made with rope and a catnip-stuffed twine ball (Cat Con L.A./
What would a Zen birthday card look like? Emptiness? (Piraro/
"Captains of Industry Speak!" (

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