Friday, December 4, 2015

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" (video)

Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly; Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!)

Our world is in corporate hands.
(EDU DOC) "The Great Global Warming Swindle" is a documentary that shows that the "scientific" [pure, objective, unbiased] opinion on climate change is actually influenced by funding and political factors.  The film questions whether or not there's scientific consensus on anthropogenic (caused by humans) global warming. The film, made by British TV producer Martin Durkin, presents scientists, economists, politicians, writers, and others who dispute the existence of scientific consensus regarding man-made global warming. Such man-made global warming is "a lie" and "the biggest scam of modern times." Its original working title was "Apocalypse my Arse," but the title "The Great Global Warming Swindle" was later adopted as an allusion to the 1980 mockumentary "The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle" about British punk band the Sex Pistols. There is a problem -- a problem of pollution, misallocation of resources, exploitation of the poor, destruction of animals (domestic and wild), cutting down of forests, contamination of water, air, and food... Instead of addressing these, we are being fed a bill of goods. And the "solution" being suggested is CAPITALISM pure and simple. It's our world, and to save it we need real solutions.
Climate Chaos is Real
Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)
This Changes Everything (Naomi Klein)
Global "climate chaos" -- which includes warming, drought, inordinate freezing, agricultural disruptions, catastrophic rains, flooding, pollution, ocean acidification, clear cutting of forests, raising grass grazing animals for meat -- is real.

No one doubts that. The only question is, Why? Are humans contributing to the problem? Yes, of course. It is not so much individuals, as we are told and badgered. It is governments colluding with vast multinational corporations (with principals going from one camp to the other, from politics to business, from business to politics).

It cannot be human doing alone because all of the planets in the area are warming up, according to David Wilcock (Edgar Cayce today, Nature is doing it, the Earth is possibly shaking off an irritant (the human race) that is exacerbating it, but it is happening.

Debunking climate deniers. Yet the warming environment is a set up.

And instead of doing something real about it, "disaster capitalists" are capitalizing on it. That is, they are making money and polluting more.

More drilling for oil and mountain top removal for coal means more burning. With millions of cars spewing toxins into the air 24 hours a day, with the burning of coal in power plants, with the spilling of oil and killing of indigenous populations all over the world, we are destroying the planet.  The great swindle is not this destruction, it is the false "solution" that will be instituted to capitalize on it.

Carbon (CO2) is not the problem. Carbon is necessary and helpful, and if the Earth had its lungs (Amazon, Siberia, and other great forests of the world that are being clear cut by capitalists and local impoverished ranchers with few options) it would not harm the planet. Far more noxious gases -- like methane -- are not being talked about.

South India flooded
Grazing cows emit methane as do peat fires can clear cutting, as do fecal matter pits involved in hog raising. More than 1,000,000 animals are slaughtered ever day in the United States to feed the few, but even then half of that prepared flesh is thrown in the trash like half the food we buy. Go vegan.

Blood for oil: British RAF to hit "ISIS" oil
This planet has enough to meet everyone's need, but not nearly enough to satisfy anyone's greed. Fossil fuels, which are subsidized, are a money-making scheme. With the funding of more and more billionaires, the planet is going down the tubes.

Scott Weiland, Noah Weiland
Take drugs like me, kids.
We go live to COP 21 with Amy Goodman ( in Paris, France, where police have conveniently used the pretext of "preventing terrorism" to ban all demonstrations by those trying to save the world.

Paris Climate Summit 2015 - FULL DAILY COVERAGE

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan 
Column_defaultA fitting honor to the few who died here in Paris and the many (the uncountable) victims of climate change and climate chaos, would be a fair, ambitious, and binding agreement at the climate summit. [The United States, one of the grossest polluters, must sign -- then pressure can be placed on China, Russia, and India to follow suit.] LISTEN
Activists Stage Paris Sit-In To Protest Role of Corporate Polluters in Climate Talks
How can we co-opt real movements like Occupy and Pussy Riot and neutralize them?

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