Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chan Meditation Retreat (Dec. 12 - Jan. 30)

Lu Mountain Temple with Dharma Master YongHua (; Wisdom Quarterly

Beginning Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015 9:00 PM and running for seven weeks is a free meditation intensive open to the public.

Lu Mountain Temple (Bodhi Light International), which periodically displays one of the world's largest collections of Buddhist relics (shariras), is holding an intensive chan marathon sitting. 

Chan is the Chinese pronunciation of the Buddhist term jhana (Sanskrit dhyana, Japanese zen, Vietnamese thiền, Korean seon, Tibetan bsam gtan). It refers to "meditative absorption."

Left half of Lu Mountain meditation hall (WQ)
Participants may follow as much of the meditation (nearly 24 hour) schedule as they care to, taking extra rest breaks as needed. Part-time is available (to practice after school or work) is available.

Sits begin at 2:30 am and run to 11:30 pm with breaks for breakfast, lunch, optional dinner, instructions, rest periods, and restroom visits. More (for free Dharma talks and photos)
Dharma Master YongHua shows devotees relics in glass container (
Various śarīra from the Buddha and students in the collection of the Maitreya Project (wiki)
The Buddha's tooth, which keeps growing, covered in colorful glass-like shariras (MS).

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