Friday, October 6, 2017

Spain gets its own Brexit: Catalonia; Seth Aubeorn, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Police moved in to prevent people voting in Sunday's disputed election (Getty Images)
Spain should crush Catalonia! - C. Columbus
CATALONIA - The Spanish government's representative in Catalonia has apologized to those injured during police efforts to stop Sunday's independence referendum.
But Enric Millo blamed the Catalan government for holding an "illegal" vote.
We're already like a police state. - Franco
Meanwhile, the government in Madrid has issued a decree making it easier for companies to move their headquarters away from Catalonia.
A Catalan minister told the BBC his government would go ahead with an independence debate in parliament.
Catalonia, like Portugal, is its own country
"Parliament will discuss, parliament will meet," said Catalan foreign affairs chief RaĆ¼l Romeva.

"Every attempt the Spanish government has used to impede things to happen, they have been demonstrated completely not only useless but counter-productive," he told the BBC in English.
Catalonians proudly parade their flag
In the first apology by a Spanish government official over the violence on Sunday, which saw hundreds injured by police as police, trying to enforce a Spanish court ban on the vote, attempted to seize ballot boxes and disperse voters, Mr. Millo said he could not help but "regret it and apologize on behalf of the officers that intervened" [and legally beat the hell out of ~1,000 Catalonians trying to cast ballots in a democratic vote]. More + VIDEO

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