Friday, October 20, 2017

5D Events, Las Vegas (Oct. 20-22, 2017); Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Alchemy Events (5D Events) is co-creating a new humanity movement.

Las Vegas welcomes 5D Events
"The Pioneers in Consciousness, Science, and Space Research"
Apolla Asteria MC (Mistress of Ceremonies)
Welcome to the 16th consciousness event: International Symposium of Quantum Consciousness and Healing.

This event is about quantum consciousness and healing. It is an amazing and EPIC 3-DAY EVENT with over 40 amazing speakers, 100 lectures, workshops, panels, exhibits, documentary film, music, and a dinner banquet.

The EXPO is for for public visits, with four events or speakers running at the same time. The Saturday night dinner banquet is in honor of Jordan Maxwell.
Whistle blower Andy Basiago (Project Pegasus)
US Government Time Traveler Andrew D. Basiago; Luigi Muscas, Dr. Sam Osmanagich (Bosnian Pyramid), Dr. Scott R. Werner, Dr. Jere Rivera Dugenio, Dr. Nick Delgado, Richard Gordon, Jordan Maxwell, Saeed David Farman, Clyde Lewis, Riana Milne, Art Giser, Larry Dean Hunter (Egypt), Maureen J. St. Germain, Faye Kitariev, Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Andrei Knight PhD, Sheila Z Stirling PhD, Tyler Odysseus, Tracy Repchuk, Edwin Harkness Spina, Tamra Oviatt, Logan Jayson Piette, Harijiwan, Cosmin Mahadev Singh, Peter Sterling, Samuel Kiwasz, Ronja Vieth PhD, Caroline Cory, Brad Olsen, Abby Namazi, Tom Paladino, Sel Sarkin, Alana Marie, Eileen Meyer, Aurora Buchanan, Anara Whitebear, Chris Katsaropoulos, and Alan Bedian.

Send loving (metta), healing energy to anyone: here's how!

TOPICS: Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Healing, Energy Healing, Plasma Technology in Space and Medicine, Scalar Energy, Protecting the Oceans, Sea Shepherds, Secrets of Pyramids, Human Origins, Space, ET contact, Mastery in Business, Love and Relationships, plus many more topics.

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