Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stop climate crimes! Bonn, Germany (video)

Amy Goodman (; Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Let's avoid the "climate alarmism." Carbon is good. Other greenhouse gases like methane from raising animals for slaughter and corporate pollution from petrochemicals and consumer manufacturing are harmful. They are far more heat-trapping than carbon. The fake "solution" of SELLING carbon credits to allow polluters to legally pollute is a scam that will destroy the environment in the name of trying to save it. Earth needs a real solution. We need better efficiency rates of 100 MPG, which is already possible. We don't have it because it is not within the capitalist-framework we live under. Corporatists grow rich by making a predetermined rate of profit from burning oil and other toxic "assets." Keep it in the ground. We need regulations and enforcement. We need clean-renewables -- solar, wind, ocean tide mills, free energy (already available), recycling, pre-cycling -- not fake Democrat solutions and Republican obstructionism. The mainstream media is not on our side. They are ignoring this climate summit. They are on the side of the monied-interests that own them.

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Amy goodman bonn questioning panelists
DN! in the News, Nov. 17, 2017: Weather Channel features Amy Goodman questioning Trump’s fossil fuel reps at UN climate talks
Salvator Mundi = Maitreya?
Can you believe some people care enough to save our shared planet, Sparky?

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