Friday, November 3, 2017

Naming names: molested in Hollywood/DC

RollingStone; C. Feldman (Dr. Oz); BIN; Ashley Wells, Seth Auberson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

I'll expose them with $10 million
UPDATE: Corey Feldman named eighties actor Jon Grissom as one of the men who allegedly sexually molested him as a teenager during a sit-down chat with Dr. Oz Thursday.

The former child star called the LAPD to file a report against Grissom during the show, noting that the actor still had photos of himself with Feldman and his late friend Corey Haim [dead from drug abuse and suicide brought on by the humiliation of having been raped by homosexual pedophiles in Hollywood] on his social media pages.
Grissom appeared in 1988's License to Drive and 1989's Dream a Little Dream, both of which also starred Feldman. It was revealed on the show that Grissom has a previous arrest record that includes a 2001 arrest for child molestation, for which he was found guilty in 2003, ultimately serving time in prison.

Dr. Oz noted on the show that Feldman also disclosed several other names off-air. In a video posted to Oz's official Facebook page, Oz and his in-house legal counsel discuss Grissom's possible whereabouts and go through his "extensive arrest record" at length.
ORIGINAL STORY: Corey Feldman agreed to call the LAPD and name the pedophile abusers who he says targeted him and other child stars during a Dr. Oz segment set to air Thursday. More
    My motives were good, and I didn't do it!
    Special thanks to the great Harvey Weinstein for exposing all of the endemic rape, workplace sexual harassment, child molestation, terror, and sexual misconduct in Hollywood. According to him he has done more to expose these abuses than anyone in history...He committed many of them, but he doesn't admit that yet. Maybe he did it just to get caught and expose them in this Age of Disclosure that exposes Cosby, Spacey, Trump, Podesta, Clinton, Huma, Weiner, Allen... This just in: Weinstein's ex-assistant breaks non-disclosure agreement (NDA), details harassment, cover-ups! Zelda Perkins discusses at length producer's alleged sexual misconduct and cover-ups in new interview with the Financial Times.
    Where was Hillary Clinton? Podesta alleged molester and Huma Abedin lesbian-operative to be indicted
    Washington DC is as bad as Hollywood, CA. Just ask power-pals Weinstein and Clinton.

    Anonymous intel sources just dumped some huge bombshells on 4chan! I [Glenn Canady at] have converted the image files to text below.  Wow, is all I can say!  We won’t have long to wait to see if this source really has the intel since the Anon source is claiming [that alleged infamous PizzaGate child molester] Tony Podesta [Hillary Clinton's failed campaign manager] will be indicted on November 3rd and Huma Abedin on the 6th! More

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