Monday, October 12, 2020

Non-Violent Communication: Racial Healing

This event is for those who self-identify as white. To attend the BIPOC Non-Violent Communication Series Oct. 31st–Nov. 21st from 10:00-12:00 pm PT click here.
As Guante spoke it, “White supremacy is not a shark, it is the water.” This workshop invites participants to explore what it means to learn and study principles of Non-Violent Communication within a context of white supremacy.
How can we know that the path of non-violence we choose does not ultimately wind up upholding the very systems designed to oppress us? We are all born into the waters of white supremacy, with people of European ancestry often being the last to realize.
This series offers an NVC oriented space for participants to deconstruct and explore their relationship to white supremacy, non-violence, and racial healing. While this workshop is open to all, it will be specifically geared to support white-identified folk.
Each session will include instructional content, experiential activities (i.e., breakout room discussion, journaling, and drawing activities, guided meditation practices), and weekly reflective practices to explore between sessions).
Session themes (all classes at 6:30-8:30 pm PST):
  • Monday, Oct. 5: Acknowledgment
  • Monday, Oct. 12: Grief
  • Monday, Oct. 19: Deepening Distress Tolerance
  • Monday, Oct. 26: Self-Education as Deep Listening
  • Thursday, Nov. 5: Accountability as a Practice of Joy
Invest in this offering if you have a desire to deepen your understanding of how white supremacy lives in your body and shows up in your communication. Do not invest in this offering if you are unconvinced that white supremacy exists.
Invest in this offering if you are committed to racial healing as a collaborative and ongoing process of inquiry.
Be prepared to work with me and alongside me in undoing our internalized collective biases. Invest in this offering if you are prepared to invest in Black and Indigenous leadership.
This workshop will only be offered if 70% of participants invest at the Supporter or Sustainer level. Funds garnered here will be put towards increasing scholarship spots in our upcoming BIPOC NVC series.
Registration is only available for the full series and not on a drop-in basis. To support the wildest, most radiant level of collective trust-building, participants are asked to commit to attending each class.
We also know that life happens (and life happens a lot these days). This is an introductory level class, and all are welcome [so long as you're willing to say you "identify as white"].
Real time captioning will be provided for all main room content. This class will be recorded, and each session will be made available to participants for one week afterwards.
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