Monday, November 30, 2009

Ayahuasca cures addictions

( Ayahuasca is the world's most powerful herbal medicine. It is not a "drug" to be thought of as child's play but an entheogen and medicine to be respected. It is used to treat addiction, diabetes, AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue, asthma, and so on. For other Amazonian herbal remedies available in the Occidental world, visit

This video was shot in tribute to the touching work of the Amazon shaman Elisa Vargas Fernandez. On a trip with John Easterling, founder and CEO of the Amazon Herb Co., she sang a song of love connecting us to shaman roots. The purpose of the trip was to cure a heroin addict the way it had healed an alcoholic, but the focus of the film became about love and access to knowledge regarding health and prosperity. See