Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Killing for the Gods

Mideval Hindu priests in Kathmandu, Nepal; Mara, the Lord of Death, Los Angeles.

20,000 buffaloes sacrificed on 1st day at Gadhimai

GADHIMAI TEMPLE, Nepal (Nov. 24, 2009) -- Despite widespread criticism and repeated appeals by groups from home and abroad to stop a mass sacrifice of animals at Gadhimai temple, some 20,000 buffaloes were murdered as sacrifice on the first day of a two-day Hindu religious fair there Tuesday.

What must mass animal slaughter look like on a subtler dimension or spiritual plane?

The bloodbath began after the chief priest, Mangal Chaudhary, offered panchabali (five-fold sacrifice of a rat, a pig, a pigeon, a buffalo, and a goat) in the morning, thereby formally inaugurating the festival during which some 300,000 animals and birds are to be slaughtered over two days.
Worshipers, who thronged the temple from all over the country and from India also, have started offering the sacrifices to goddess Gadhimai.After the panchabali, some 300 men with heavy-duty swords were let loose among thousands of buffaloes spread over four parcels of land.

This is what the "sacrificial" killing looks like on the human/animal plane (Republica).

The scene was like a battlefield because of the screaming of the men. It was violent and chaotic with the men charging at the more than 15,000 animals with their khukuris and swords and the scared buffaloes starting to run helter-skelter.

The swordsmen, however, said that they enjoyed the sacrifices. “The more animals I kill, the more satisfied I feel,” Ramlal Mahato said. He added that he has taken to this practice to give continuity to an age-old tradition. While many of the men were found to be doing the slaughter for the money, many others were simply killing time. A large crowd had gathered around the site to watch the killings. More>>

What can be done?