Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama: a Buddha-like Politician?

OPINION: Tengu House

"He was the change we needed. Only thing is, he decided to change. So he doesn't want to change the things he promised. That's how it is with change: It's the only constant" (WQ).

I consider myself retired from political writing. It's just too divisive. But I do have a question, and I hope you can help me with it: What is this Buddhist infatuation with Barack Obama? Seriously, folks – I can’t remember a time when I was less impressed with a politician, and this guy seems to enjoy the support of every Buddhist I know.

Obama under a Bo tree in the city protected by nagas

I was even told yesterday by an absolutely gushing lay teacher in my temple that Obama is “like a messiah,” and that he has “never said a wrong word.” This opinion seems to be supported by the temple and the order itself. (They’re the folks who got in trouble in 2000 for illegally donating all that money to Al Gore’s campaign, after all).

It bothered me all night, which is right in keeping with the theme of my last post. I was unable to lay it down by the river. How do obviously intelligent, well-educated, and highly thoughtful people fall so heavily for a well-spoken politician? Is articulacy the only requisite for someone to be thought of as a god?

Please don't misunderstand. I have no issue with someone not wanting to support the Republicans. That’s fine. Although I’m NOT an Obama fan, I’m also NOT a Republican (there are, believe it or not, other choices). More>>

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