Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Buddhism at Work

What is Work? Buddhist Discernment on the Job
Sharon Glassman

Note to readers: A few weeks ago, I got an email inviting me to part of a Green Books Campaign sponsored by Eco-Libris, a for-profit enterprise that promotes books printed on non-virgin paper and funds the planting of trees in Africa and Central America.

This review of Discernment: Educating Mind and Spirit (Lantern Books) is part of the Green Books campaign -- and a fitting next step in this ongoing series about Work. Some people read sports books to unwind. Other folks read cook-books, or travel books. I read books on Buddhism.

Reading about folks who meditate, or cross-culturally explore, or practice right livelihood is my version of armchair traveling. "Enlightenment" is not one of my recurring Work To-Do List items (although I have voiced the occasional, enlightened sounding character on TV). But I find comfort -- and practical work advice -- in the gap between The Buddhist Authors' Balanced Approach to Life and my Whirling Dervish approach to same. More>>