Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obama almost doesn't pardon turkey

Obama reluctantly pardons Courage, sentences it to Disneyland (CBS News video link)

"You know, there are certain days that remind me of why I ran for this office," Obama [a Buddha-like president trying to prove he's a real man's man] exclaimed today. "And then there are moments like this, where I pardon a turkey and send it to Disneyland."

With a light tone and his daughters in tow, Mr. Obama participated in a relatively recent tradition on the day before Thanksgiving: the presidential turkey pardon. Though he eventually raised his hand over "Courage," the bird in question, to offer a pardon, the president suggested he was somewhat reticent to do so.

"That's a good looking bird," Mr. Obama said, later stating that his daughters convinced him to go through with the pardon. "Thanks to the intervention of Malia and Sasha, because I was planning to eat this sucker, Courage will also be spared this terrible...fate." More>>