Monday, November 23, 2009

Bird-Free Thanksgiving? LOL!

I. Rony (Wisdom Quarterly)
"He's just sleeping." That's what I tell the kids, they don't know.

Can you imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without an animal sacrifice? I can't. It's an all-American tradition! The slaughter of the bird is the best part -- handing its dismembered body parts around the table like dead-dumb-mashed potatoes is the best part of the evening. Well, actually, afternoon. We eat so much, we need our trytophan-nap before the game. You guessed it, two rival factions at war on the (Astroturf) green.

Thanksgiving differently: cruelty-free (

But some people are too squeamish for the cruelty. Well, let them eat the taters and pies and fixins. In fact, those junior bodhisattvas can gather themselves and eat for free. That'll just leave more for the rest of us!

( Since 1944, though, World Vegan Day has been November 1st. (Mark your calendars for 2010). LA's longest running singles day vegan tradition -- Thanksgiving Potluck Picnic! (Or create your own vegan Thanksgiving dinner).

  • November 26, 2009 -- as early as 11:00 AM
  • FREE
  • Where? Rancho Park West Los Angeles. Drive all the way back and park, walk to the picnic tables across the grass (not right next to the parking area).
  • What to bring? A vegan dish to share, with a note card labeling the ingredients. Go green: bring your own reusable utensils, too.
  • Musical instruments, bring frisbees, balls, well behaved dogs on leashes, whatever you like
  • No need to RSVP in advance - just show up - no charge - totally free - 11am is when we start gathering, open the circle at noon, and eat, then play for a few hours!

Don't worry. It's cruelty-free, a vegan (purely vegetarian) feast (