Monday, November 9, 2009

Travel, Sasquatch, Tantrums, Mood, and Jobs

Breakfast around the Buddha's Eyes Stupa
KATHMANDU, Nepal -- Visiting Boudhanath at dawn is an opportunity to witness a surreal view of Buddhists and Tibetans clad in maroon robes, walking clockwise, spinning prayer wheels, repeating mantras, and counting prayer beads. Om Mani Padme

Most original places in the world to vacation
Travelers are trading beach vacations for unforgettable experiences in faraway lands. How to get to Tiger's Lair, a Buddhist monastery

Sasquatch in the news; cat catches swine flu
A cat who contracted swine flu from its owner and new alleged Bigfoot evidence stir up the Web. What else this week? - Bigfoot evidence

Reasons why kids have temper tantrums
Knowing these six common triggers is the first step in preventing another meltdown. Threats to self-esteem

Foods that put you in a good mood
These snacks have nutrients that fight stress and increase happy feelings. Mood-boosting ingredients - Depression symptoms

Unemployment is harder than it used to be
People faced fewer financial perils the last time the jobless rate hit 10 percent, a generation ago. Recession of 1982 - Surviving unemployment