Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Ashley Wells (WQ)

"Shangri-La" Caves Yield Treasures, Skeletons
Preserved by the mountain region's cool, arid climate, the ancient manuscripts contain a mix of writings from Buddhism and Bön, an earlier, native Tibetan religion... (National Geographic).

Women In Buddhism: The Thai Nun Controversy
In an unprecedented historical act, Ajahn Brahm (Ven. Brahmavamso, a Westerner), a senior monk in the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravadin Buddhism... (

If religions are fated to clash, let's clash with respect
They clearly knew each other, and they were talking about her recent Christian mission trip to a country where the main religion is Buddhism.... (The Exponent).

Meaning of the colored glaze in different color
In the eyes of the Buddhism due to the technological characteristic "come from the fire and the water," Buddhist belief that Colored glaze is the... (

How will Obama handle religious freedom in China?
...or polish his image with Americans back home, from conservative Christians to supporters of Tibetan Buddhism -- as religious freedom in China.... (USA Today).

Rajpaska and Buddhist leaders criticized for welcoming Burmese dictator Than Shwe
Buddhist monks are also slammed for giving their “blessing to the junta leader” even though he murder hundreds of monks in Myanmar.... (

Large crowds greet Burma leader in Sri Lanka
The tropical island nation and Myanmar both practice Buddhism and have had cultural and religious ties since the 11th century. Anuradhapura is a former... (AFP).

Joe Orso: Lama Ole: Buddhist teacher or charlatan?
Last week, a man some call a major driving force in Western Buddhism spoke at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. His lecture to more than 400 people at... (La Crosse Tribune).

Tibetan writers' long jail sentences response to Obama's...
As well as writing about Buddhism and Tibetan art and culture, he is also an environmental activist and has taken photographs for the Yutse environment... (Bay Area Indymedia).

Preserve Buddhist culture, Dalai tells Bomdi-la people
The town wore a colourful look with flags containing Tibetan motifs and inscriptions of Buddhism fluttering. Shops downed shutters and over 10000 devotees... (Times of India).

Tibetan scholars' meet to commemorate 50 years in exile
The College for Higher Tibetan Studies (CHTS) is a branch college under the institute of buddhist dialectics at Dharamsala. The late Ven Rev Lobsang Gyatso... (Tibetan Culture & News).

Be Buddhists of 21st Century, Bring Reform: Dalai
Asking his followers to be "Buddhists of the 21st century," Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama today asked the community to work for removing evils... (Outlook).

Ancient Buddhist monastery conserved in SW China's Tibet
First-phase of the project to conserve a more-than-1000-year-old Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Ngari prefecture of southwestern China's Tibet... (Xinhua).

Boy monks keep ethnic culture alive
In addition to the standard curriculum, they have to study Buddhism, Dai culture, and language. In addition to the morning sutras, Yan and his fellow boy... (Xinhua).

"Generally speaking, it seems to behave as what you'd describe as a cult, certainly not as a full-blown religion in the sense that Christianity or Buddhism..." (ABC Online).

Tamil Eelam: Historical right to Nationhood
They early became practitioners of Buddhism, an off-shot of Hinduism, which is the religion that most Tamils adopted. Buddhism was created by the prince... (Dissident Voice).

Tibetan Buddhist leader to visit
The Danish-born founder of a worldwide Tibetan Buddhist organization will be in Milwaukee on Saturday, where he is scheduled to bless and sanction the local... (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

President's Birthday, General's resignation, and the Angulimala Piritha
It was a multi-religious and multi-ethnic city known for Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and there is no evidence of state sanctioned conflicts between... (Groundviews).‎

Review: Razer "Naga" MMOG laser gaming mouse

...[Naga] refers to “a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very great snake — specifically the King Cobra, found in Hinduism and Buddhism.... (CrunchGear blog).

Words Matter: The Linguistic Damage of “Going Muslim”
More than a century ago, the term “Islamism” referred to Islam as such, like Judaism and Buddhism. That usage is now obsolete — but consider the linguistic... (Religion Dispatches).

Revealing yourself in Aikido, Calligraphy, and Kototama

Stevens, a foremost authority on Aikido has written over thirty books on Buddhism, Aikido, and Asian culture. The experience brought new dimensions to our... (Huffington Post blog).