Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Ashley Wells (WQ)

Mindfulness and the Brain
I like being able to point to non-religious sources for why meditation works when people ask me why I chose Buddhism or why I meditate.... (

Dalai Lama says Tawang visit is to teach, not find successor
Tawang is home to one of the largest monasteries of his Gelugpa sect of Buddhism. Local leaders invited him to teach and dedicate a new hospital... (Bloomberg)

Buddhism, Soul, and Individuation
In its emphasis on the doctrine of no self, Asian Buddhism has traditionally avoided any recognition of Western concerns with soul or individual development... (SF Chronicle)

Lankan PM: India, Sri Lanka relations aeons old
I thank the Chief Minister for chalking out a plan to provide land for opening a university related to Buddhism. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister... (Central Chronicle)

US schoolboy anointed as reincarnation of Buddhist high priest
A US schoolboy has been anointed in India as the reincarnation of a Buddhist high priest who died over 750 years ago. Jigme Wangchuk, from Boston... (Belfast Telegraph)

Kate Hudson: A-Rod to convert to Buddhism for Kate Hudson?
According to Us Weekly, the New York Yankees baseball player, who is rumored to be converting to Buddhism for his... (Newspost Online)
Thai diet a good step toward balanced health
Harrison, like 95 percent of native Thais, is a Buddhist of the Theravada school. Thai Buddhism is based on the religious movement founded in the sixth... (Flesh and Stone)

The Dalai is god in Tawang, his writ is law
The original monastery, built in 1681 by Merak Lama, a Tibetan Buddhist disciple, has been replaced by a new building. The prayer hall is dominated by a... (Times of India)


Kate Hudson's Buddhist influence on A-Rod
As their relationship continues to blossom, it seems Kate Hudson has been turning Alex Rodriguez on to her Buddhist beliefs. The “How to Lose a Guy in 10... (The Gossip Girls blog)‎

Buddhists to celebrate 78 years of Mulgandha Kuti Vihara
VARANASI, India: On the day the city celebrates Kartik Purnima, Nov. 2, Buddhists from different parts of the country and abroad will assemble... (Times of India)

On-line Diploma Courses on Buddhist Studies and English...
It is a call, naturally for those who wish to learn Buddhism systematically and in depth, to Buddhist Social Workers and to Buddhist monks and nuns.... (Sunday

Religious freedom across the world
Laos, while ostensibly without a state religion, financially supports the practice of Buddhism over all other forms of worship with legal exemptions for... (

A must read book
When people ask me how they should begin studying Buddhism, I reply that one must begin by learning about oneself. In Pali, the ancient language which the... (Daily Press)

A look at Christianity, through a Buddhist lens
The book is the outcome of decades of encounters with Buddhism — and of strug-gles with his own faith. Born in 1939, Mr. Knitter began his path to the... (NY Times)‎

"Science & Buddhism Collide": a talk...
Buddhism has had a long a long histiory of intense probing intoBuddhism has had a long history of intense probing into the true nature of reality both at... (Citizen Matters)

HC dismisses petition challenging Tibetan origin of 17 Karmapa
PTI New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has dismissed a petition challenging the Tibetan origin of the 17th Karmapa, head of Kagyu sect of Buddhism and alleging... (Daily News & Analysis)

Keats-Shelley prize goes to Buddhist poet
The Keats-Shelley prize, an annual award for the best poem on a Romantic theme, has for the first time this year gone to an explicitly Buddhist poet... (

From the world to Victoria
In particular they focused on the Buddhist arts of Japan. Buddhism was a vital source for the Theosophists, seen as an antidote to the Christian materialism... (Times Colonist)

"Things Bogans Like" website celebrates Australia's new-age bogan
"What better way to announce one's entry into the knowledge economy than by purchasing a Buddhism-themed figurine, statue or water feature from the garden... (

US condemns Vietnam's treatment of activists
Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese born, France-based Buddhist who has popularized Buddhism in the west and sold millions of books worldwide.... (AP)

Of nomads and settlers -- the song of the silk road
Established in 366 AD by a monk called Lie Zun, these clusters of caves are the earliest, and arguably the most impressive repository of Buddhist art in the... (SF Chronicle)

China's Forbidden City new research base of Tibetan Buddhism
BEIJING -- China's famous Palace Museum has launched a research center for the study of Tibetan Buddhism by using its rich collection of... (Xinhua)
Buddhists gather with the goal of being in the moment
Everybody is welcome to the sessions, which begin at 7 pm, from practicing Buddhists to those who want to learn about Buddhism, which members prefer to call ... (Bethany Beach Wave)

Centring the body through violence
But he was still a Westerner who could not yet entirely embrace Buddhism's dispassionate acceptance of misfortune. Frustration set in, for instance... (The Gazette, Montreal)

Leaders see threat to Buddhism
LEADING Buddhist intellectuals and civil society groups have called on the government to address a recent outbreak of offences ranging from drunkenness to... (Phnom Penh Post)

India's Sikkim looking to attract Buddhist tourists from SE Asia
It is hoping to capitalise on its location to attract visitors on a Buddhist circuit tour, especially tourists from Southeast Asia.... (Channel News Asia)

Easy, attractive guide to the Sutta Nipata Sermons
While Dr. Susunaga Weeraperuma had been inspired from his childhood to learn about Buddhism as it is generally known to a Buddhist society, in adulthood he... (Sunday‎

Tibetan Buddhist monks visit MU, create mandala
COLUMBIA — On Monday afternoon, three Tibetan Buddhist monks in saffron robes were hunched over a table on the second floor of MU's Ellis Library.... (Columbia Missourian)

Hip Hop legend The RZA discusses Buddhism on Shambhala
The RZA, was interviewed about Buddhism, Right Speech and the Heart Sutra for the Shambhala Sun blog by my good friend Rod Meade Sperry.... (‎

Dancing Skeletons Anyone?
One only need to look at past forum questions to find answers from clergy representing Islam, Buddhism, Judaism as well as other religions.... (Lawrence Journal World)‎