Monday, February 18, 2013

AMAZING VIDEO: The sky is falling!

Amber Dorrian, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly;; (MORE); Dr. Elaine Hsiao

Meteors over Miami and LA (
Tunguska II hit just as a massive meteor was being tracked on the closest known trajectory to pass by Earth in history. Usually things this big hit the our "wandering star" (planet) and cause massive extinction events. 

Unflappable serenity through all things
This time it was just another warning to stop trespassing on other in space with our probes and planetary expeditions, at least according to one psychic who called in to Coast to Coast on Friday; Noory was offended and disputed that probes on Mars were hardly equivalent to asteroid showers. Humans in Russia's Urals region have seen burning objects raining down from the sky after a meteorite exploded above the Earth and showered the area with debris and an astounding concussive force that blew out windows in the Siberian hinterlands.
Russian meteor "heard" around the world (
Why is so much footage available? Many Russians, hoping to avoid being wrongly accused of accidents, now spy on other motorists with dash cams. More
Would-be assassin tries to do American drone's job, but gun jams.
(Caltech/TEDx) "Mind-Altering Microbes: How Microbiome Affects Brain and Behavior" by Dr. Elaine Hsiao: "Our" bodies are comprised of 10 times more bacterial cells than human eukaryotic cells. [Probiotics promote optimal health.] Dr. Elaine Hsiao is a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry and biology at Caltech, who received her undergraduate degree in microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics from UCLA and her Ph.D. in neurobiology from Caltech with Prof. Paul Patterson.
She studied neuroimmune mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of neuro-developmental disorders and uncovered a role for the commensal microbiota in regulating autism-related behaviors, metabolism, and intestinal physiology. She has received several honors, including predoctoral fellowships from the National Institute of Health, Autism Speaks, and the Caltech Innovation Program.
Hsiao is currently studying the mechanisms by which microbes modulate host production of neuroactive molecules because she aims to better understand how the human microbiota influences our behavior, health, and disease.
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. In January, 2013, Caltech hosted TEDxCaltech: The Brain, a forward-looking celebration of humankind's quest to understand the brain through neuroscience.

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