Thursday, February 7, 2013

Very activist Atheist movement?

Matt Hadro, (rightwing media); Wisdom Quarterly

2012 "Reason Rally" (
Only about five percent of Americans identify as atheists [although many more have no religious affiliation, being spiritual without labeling themselves], but CNN played up the "very activist atheist movement" and touted celebrity atheists like Julianne Moore and[Facebook's] Mark Zuckerberg, on Thursday.

"Various surveys put the number of atheists in America around five percent. And according to the Pew study in 2012, one in five people [which would mean 20%] claim they have no religious affiliation at all," anchor Carol Costello noted. She didn't mention that having no religious affiliation might not even be close to atheism.
"Then there's a very activist atheist movement underway," Costello hyped before pointing to YouTube's "The Amazing Atheist" who was "rallying against Christian Evangelicals, who after the Newtown massacre tried to put the blame on godless schools."

And Costello hyped a "massive" crowd at last year's "Reason Rally," even though it was estimated at only several thousand attendees and included people other than atheists, like secularists. If only the 2012 March for Life, attended by tens of thousands, got as much respect from CNN. More

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