Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dorner executed by police state

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seven, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly

Self-immolation, as seen here for Tibet, is one thing. But being burned alive because paramilitary police are afraid to confront anyone holding a gun? Low. (freetibet.org)

Burn, Dorner, or come out and face our guns!
Police are attempting an extrajudicial execution of former LAPD Officer C.J. Dorner, who was fired for blowing whistle (and thereby violating the criminal secrecy pact among police) on a superior officer.

Pres. Obama is angry to lose the limelight and ratings to Dorner. But the matter is being handled just as he would handle it. Track the suspect with a drone, and kill him no questions asked. And make sure no questions about civil liberties are raised. Medals for all SWAT officers involved in the summary execution. The mainstream media is reporting Dorner has been killed.
His attorney/representative was a former LAPD captain who, allegedly, sold him out and got him fired. This led to the rampage the LAPD has been reporting. They have also been using this single case as an excuse to not have time to "protect and serve" Los Angeles citizens, and spending millions on a revenge crusade of their own in defense of themselves on taxpayers' tab while claiming to only be concerned with "public safety."
Why did they set the cabin on fire in an attempt to execute Dorner? Imagine if there were a barricade situation or, goodness forbid, a hostage situation. Secret "standard operating procedure" states that teargas or hot ammo be used to cause an accidental fire then keep fire fighting personnel at bay while claiming to be protecting them. Burn down the structure, silence the whistleblower, and risk no life or limb of cowardly forces amassed outside with an endless supply of munitions, tactics, rest, and personnel. Business as usual on the frontlines of the battlefield, which has now come to Los Angeles. Welcome to the police state.
Police state (wolfenotes.com)
How in the world can anyone have anything like sympathy for an alleged killer? Just as no one thought that what was done to Rodney King was any kind of provocation to riot and burn down Los Angeles, a great number did think this was appropriate given the regularity of abuses by the LAPD characterized by what was done to Rodney King. The only difference that this was filmed and people got to see what is normally hidden. The only difference here is that Dorner, by reporting from the inside of the LAPD as an LAPD agent, had to be stopped at all costs. Civilians were shot without warning as security detail units hoped to be the one to murder Dorner for greater esteem among their fellow officers. 

That Dorner thought to use military/police tactics against a paramilitary force terrified LAPD brass. But more frightening is the prospect that the Consent Decree will be imposed again, or that Dorner's "manifesto" be investigated (since he very rationally named names and detailed LAPD crimes), or that the FBI investigate the LAPD just as they investigated the Sheriff's Department operating in unincorporated Los Angeles and found them regularly committing felonious acts in the LA Men's Central Jail where defendants await trial and preliminary pre-trial motions. However, whereas we used to be "innocent until proven guilty" in this country, we are now as good as guilty when thought to be guilty by a gun-toting officer for the new police state.

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