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Obama's "Assassination Czar" in hot seat

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly;
Republocrat Diane Feinstein sides with military-industrial complex war criminal (and future CIA director) John Brennan at his confirmation hearing as CodePink takes a stand for truth against the Obama-Bush-Cheney globalist/New World Order agenda.

Droney, the MIC's newest BFF
John Brennan, who prepares the weekly list of people (Americans and others) to be killed by executive order, was in the Senate for confirmation as director of the CIA. President Obama rubberstamps the kill list; he himself does not write it. But by signing off on it, he is disregarding due process and every other safeguard the founders, as well as the architects of the Magna Carta, making the USA a terrorist nation.

Obama's SECRET DRONE WAR is explained by Reuters' David Rohde

Drones hovering over many countries do not pinpoint known individuals in clean executions. Instead, groups of civilians are killed in civilian setting with Hellfire missiles. At times individuals from the murder list are bombed with consider collateral damage, and some might think this is acceptable. But there are "signature strikes," which target general suspicious behavior. This leads to targeted bombing of groups of people. The people are never called people but only "militants" and "collateral damage."

CIA drone strike on US civilian target takes out city block (
What is a "militant"? The White House, CIA, and MIC (military-industrial complex) has redefined the term to mean "any male 16 or older in a strike zone," which is any place a drone is operating. Of course, never mind that 16-year-olds do not know where drones may strike. The CIA/MIC did what Nineteen Eighty-Four says Big Brother does: change the words to Newspeak. The entire planet is now a (potential) war-zone, and populations are terrorized as they helplessly see small drones buzzing above watching, waiting to strike without cause or warning. And some think this is acceptable. One has to wonder how they will feel about it when the FAA clears drone flights for US skies. These drones are not something that happens "over there."

(Journeyman.TV) They can move together in swarms, build towers, dance, throw, catch, assess targets, and will soon make their own decisions. At war and abroad and at home, drones are developing fast and gaining control. The screens at a US air force base lock onto a civilian car driving along a road in New Mexico. "We don't simulate or actually engage them; it is just training to follow a moving target." The question, "With their permission?" is met with an embarrassed pause and the faltering reply, "We're just following [orders and] them with a camera." Increasingly police are also using drones to survey civilian areas. The US Air Force now trains more "desk pilots" than traditional pilots, raising concerns that war is becoming "just a big computer game," allowing desk pilots  (who nevertheless come down with PTSD) to kill human beings without being there then go home for dinner. Nathan Wessler, a civil rights lawyer, strongly argues that the US using drones to kill human targets in countries like Yemen [Tajikistan, Waziristan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Libya...] despite not being at war with them could lead to serious repercussions. "It is really a dangerous precedent. The technology of drones is not that complicated and there are dozens of nations developing it." And these robots are advancing. Future drones will be able to independently find targets and decide to attack. As Iran lays captured a US spy drone [after the US and Israel cyber-attacked it with Stuxnet, moved for international sanctions, threatened it with invasion, and is trying to destroy it via the Internet], which experts in this report argue they are "perfectly capable of copying," has an uncontrolled new ARMS RACE already begun?

The hopeless president (
The MIC, either through UN forces on their way here or police agents already here, has plans for our unwarranted surveillance, signature monitoring, neutralization (with weapon-equipped drones), and targeted executions. Why bother with a death penalty trial when police are already free to kill innocents and merely claim they really believed they might be in danger and therefore well within their rights to protect themselves from handcuffed suspects laying face down on the street as so frequently happens nowadays. Does anyone wonder why we are bereft of hope that Obama is anything but a representative for the same forces that guided Bush II, Cheney, Bush I, and the worst Republican forces that Democrats now match point for point.

A police state is fun and profitable (for police agents)

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